UNC Wins Popular Vote – 54%

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THE United National Congress (UNC) got just over 54% votes cast in Monday’s Local Government Elections.

The party received 202,584 votes or 54.38% in capturing seven of the 14 regional corporations in Trinidad.

The People’s National Movement mustered 161,692 votes or 43.48 of the total.


The Elections and Boundaries Commission announced preliminary results on Tuesday.

In capturing the popular vote, the UNC took control of the Sangre Grande Regional Corporation. In the 2016 Local Government Elections, there was a tie at this corporation and the presiding officer used his casting vote to give the PNM control.


The smaller parties shared the balance with the Movement for Social Justice (MSJ) receiving the third highest votes with 2,365 or 0.71% and newcomer the Port-of-Spain People’s Movement (PPM) getting only 1,314 or 0.35%.

The PPM is led by former PNM Port-of-Spain mayor Louis Lee Sing.


PPM only contested districts in the Port-of-Spain Corporation.The turnout at the polls was 35.49 per cent out of an electorate of 1,079,976 in 139 electoral districts.

Three years ago, the UNC also won the popular vote with 180,798 votes compared to the PNM’s 174,724. In 2016, 362,260 people voted out of an electorate of 1,060,863 electors which was 34 per cent.

How people voted:

COP: 972 (0.26%)
MND: 404 (0.11%)
MSJ: 2,635 (0.71%)
NTP: 11 (0.003%)
PNM: 161,962 (43.48%)
PPM: 1,314 (0.35%)
UNC: 202,584 (54.38%)



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