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Commentary: Goodbye, WhatsApp…

  WHATSAPP possibly made the biggest public relations blooper of late when it announced its privacy policy updates earlier this year. WhatsApp boasts of 2 billion active monthly users around the world. Certainly, those stats could make any company giddy with power. While not too much will change regarding the

NOT going to lie, like everyone else I love a conspiracy theory. The weirder they are the better. It has always intrigued me how these theories come about. Also I think it must be sort of fun to look at something or some event and create an entirely bats#@t crazy

By Ravi Nanga DURING the course of the case management conferences, the judge will make a number of orders that are necessary for the matter to proceed to trial. One such order will be for the disclosure and inspection of documents. This means that the parties will be required to

Happy New Year readers! It’s my first article for 2021, and many thanks for having me back! As a legal practitioner, I have a pet peeve for laws that just doesn’t sit right. With that in mind, I thought I’d have a closer look at the new front windshield





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Hadad: Maradona Made the World Interested in Football

By Sue-Ann Wayow A MAN who made all the world interested in football. That was how Argentinian footballer Diego Maradona was

Diego Maradona has Died

THE legendary footballer Diego Maradona has passed away. Reports indicate that the man who has been described as one of

T&T Football Kicking Again… FIFA Lifts Ban

  By Sue-Ann Wayow TRINIDAD and Tobago could once again participate in international football tournaments. This after the world’s governing football

Hunters to Stage Rally Wednesday

  By Prior Beharry HUNTERS have received permission from the commissioner of police to stage a rally aimed at securing

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