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By Ravi Nanga LAST week we examined the concept of the case management conference. The start of the case management conference signals that the judge that will hear and determine the matter commences managing the matter towards the final determination. At a case management conference, the powers of the judge

Bellow is an Op-ed piece done by US Ambassador to the United States Joseph Mondello. The appointee of the Trump administration says farewell to T&T. Serving as United States Ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago has been the greatest honour of my life. Apart from its great weather and amazing beauty,

ON Wednesday January 6, 2021, Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro gathered his communications team and prepared to write a statement he had been dreaming about for years. Maduro, like all of us, watched a country that often boasted of its greatness slide into chaos. The land of the free was suffering

By Ravi Nanga THIS week we will continue to explore the course of a matter once it is filed in court. In the last article we looked at the issue of filing a reply to a defendant’s defence. The reply can either be filed with the defendant’s consent or with





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Hadad: Maradona Made the World Interested in Football

By Sue-Ann Wayow A MAN who made all the world interested in football. That was how Argentinian footballer Diego Maradona was

Diego Maradona has Died

THE legendary footballer Diego Maradona has passed away. Reports indicate that the man who has been described as one of

T&T Football Kicking Again… FIFA Lifts Ban

  By Sue-Ann Wayow TRINIDAD and Tobago could once again participate in international football tournaments. This after the world’s governing football

Hunters to Stage Rally Wednesday

  By Prior Beharry HUNTERS have received permission from the commissioner of police to stage a rally aimed at securing

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