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" All the News you need from A to Z "

" All the News you need from A to Z "

Defining Caribbean Masculinity

    THE association of Caribbean men with violence is partly the result of a historical past of slave rebellions and revolts during slavery and indentureship. Thus, masculinity in the Caribbean was crudely constructed and shaped from a history of slavery, indentureship, imperialism, colonialism and racism. The male is entrapped in a vicious cycle of […]Read More

Stop Hiding Info from the Public

IN A MOTION to Adopt the Second Report of the Standing Finance Committee to devote $3.8 billion of more funds into this year’s budget, the government allocated $190 million for the Office of the Attorney General to pay legal fees. In other words, to ensure that lawyers that get large briefs- a piece of the […]Read More

Comfort to Toco – Sinanan

    By Prior Beharry MINISTER of Works and Transport Rohan Sinanan is promising a smoother and more comfortable journey to Toco as he commissioned Phase One of the Valencia to Toco Highway on Friday. He said, “The idea is to take what you are seeing here, all the way to Toco, so when you […]Read More

Let Mahdia Tragedy be a Wake-Up Call

  AZP News Commentary   THERE are some events that happen in our lives that are so horrific and unfathomable, that the word “tragedy” cannot even begin to describe the true nightmare of the situation. On May 21, 2023, minutes before 11 pm, a fire set by a disgruntled student tore through the girls’ dormitory […]Read More

De Nobriga Responds to Cooperative Drive Residents… Says works to

  By Prior Beharry MP for Diego Martin Central Symon De Nobriga says he understands the frustration of residents of Cooperative Drive Simeon Road in Petit Valley. This is in response to their protest action on Friday morning to complain about the dilapidated conditions of their road. Resident Stephanie Kirk said they were frustrated and […]Read More

Cooperative Drive Residents Protest Bad Roads

  By Prior Beharry RESIDENTS of Cooperative Drive, Simeon Road in Petit Valley staged a protest on Friday morning to complain about the poor conditions of their roads. They say that they have complained to the Diego Martin Central MP Symon De Nobriga to no avail. About a dozen of them held placards and demanded […]Read More

Kamla: Put Emergency Plans in Place… In wake of Guyana

  By Prior Beharry OPPOSITION Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar is calling for emergency and evacuation plans to be put in place in Trinidad and Tobago after the school fire in Guyana that claimed the lives of 19 children. In a release on Thursday, she said the entire CARICOM region was plunged into mourning following the deaths […]Read More

Social Media Worse than Covid Pandemic

By Sue-Ann Wayow SOCIAL media addiction is spreading with as much or greater speed than the Covid-19 pandemic.  It is therefore critical that all stakeholders work together to roll out an effective “vaccination” programme against the social media virus. This is the view of the Presbyterian Church of Trinidad and Tobago (PCTT). PCTT in a […]Read More

Audit Port of POS – Alexander

By Sue-Ann Wayow POLITICAL Leader of the Progressive Empowerment Party (PEP) Phillip Alexander is calling for an audit into the operations at the Port of Port of Spain. “The Port Authority of Trinidad and Tobago, the Customs and Excise Division need today an audit. Forget Commission of Enquiry. Bring today uncorrupted police officers, national security […]Read More

$125K in Lego Prizes

  By Sue-Ann Wayow APPROXIMATELY 200 participants, from various schools in Trinidad and Tobago took part in the FIRST LEGO League National Tournament. The prize-giving ceremony for the recent tournament was held at the National Cycling Velodrome in Couva. Awardees were presented with over $125,000 in prizes for awards which included Core Values, Robot Design and […]Read More