Allahar Heads UNC Elections Committee

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ATTORNEY Darrell Allahar is the chairman of the Elections Management Committee (EMC) of the United National Congress (UNC) for its National Executive Elections on June 15.

The two other members of the committee are Marilyn Martin and Dr Allen Sammy.

The terms of Reference of the Committee are to:
a) Have conduct of the National Executive Elections to be held on June 15th, 2024 (“the
b) Conduct the elections in accordance with these Terms of Reference and any Rules
to be made by the Committee.
c) Do all such other things as are necessary to ensure the integrity, fairness and
confidence of the membership in the conduct of the elections.
d) Scrutinize and validate nomination forms submitted and thereafter announce the
candidates who will be contesting the respective positions.
e) Source, secure and allocate personnel and resources necessary for the efficient and
fair conduct of the election on polling day.
f) Arrange for information / training sessions for all election personnel inclusive of
candidates and their agents.
g) Secure all ballots (used and unused), ballot boxes and all other election material
prior to, during and at the close of polling for requests of recounts and for other
requests if necessary.
h) Announce the results of the election and information relative to such results.

A release stated that the EMC met on Sunday and issued the Manual and Rules for the Conduct of the National Executive Elections 2024.

According to the Manual and Rules for the Conduct the Deadline for registration of members for inclusion on Preliminary Voters List in at 4 pm on Wednesday May 15.

Nomination day is on Saturday May 25.

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