GG: Erla Just Like Hinds

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THE competence of Police Commissioner Erla Harewood-Christopher equates to National Security Fitzgerald Hinds and chair of the National Security Council Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley.

These were the comments made by former police commissioner Gary Griffith just minutes after the Office of the Prime Minister issued a release extending the term of Harewood-Christopher for one year.

Griffith, who is now the political leader of the National Transformation Alliance, said, “I think the extension of Erla is expected, and maybe even appropriate. Any independent office holder that shows competence, success and popularity above that of this Government, is deemed as a threat.

“Remember, Erla when measured in performance and competence by International experts, could not place in the top 15 of those who applied for COP or Deputy COP.

“And based on her performance and competence, or lack of, in the last year, it is indeed most appropriate for her extension, as her standard equates with that of the Security Minister and Chair of the National Security Council. So in terms of competence, accountability and performance- Birds of a Feather

“You cannot appoint a James Bond or a Rambo to work with the Mr Bean and Tommy Joseph of TT National Security. So her extension fits in perfectly.”

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