UNIPET says Paria Decision ‘Unfortunate’

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THE United Independent Petroleum Marketing Company Limited (UNIPET) says it was extremely unfortunate that Paria Fuel Trading Company Limited will stop supplying it with fuel.

In response to the decision, UNIPET stated, “The action by Paria to discontinue supplying fuel to Unipet is extremely unfortunate especially in consideration of the fact that Paria is a monopoly supplier and Unipet will have no other sources of supply.

“This issue has been ongoing since April 2019 and we have continued to negotiate in good faith.


“We expected that our areas of misalignment would be resolved.

“The company is surprised that Paria would take such action which in effect means they have withdrawn from the negotiation table without regard for the impact on the industry and consumers.


“By virtue of its share ownership, Paria is acting on behalf of the state and appears to be pushing the market toward a monopoly situation which has in the past resulted in significant drains on the treasury and poor standards of operations. Unipet will take whatever action we deem necessary to protect our constitutional right to operate in the market.”



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