Mickela: Dad Won’t Want Airport to be Named after him

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By Prior Beharry

MICKELA PANDAY echoes her father Basdeo Panday’s words when she said that he would not have wanted anything to be named after him.

It comes after calls have been made to name the Piarco International Airport in his honour.

Speaking in the compound of the Red House, after her father’s body lay in state under its Rotunda, Panday said, “I tried to think of what he’d say if he was here and he’d say, ‘What you naming anything after me for? Don’t name anything after me!’ That’s what he’d say, ‘don’t name anything after me’.”

She said her would have preferred constitutional reform.


Panday said, “If he wanted anything, it was never about him, it was not about his name. It was always country before self and therefore, it was what would have helped the country and constitutional reform would have helped the country, so that is what he’d want. I’m echoing his sentiment as I feel he would have said.”

She said she was happy that the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha executive decided to name the Shiva Boys’ Hindu College, the Basdeo Panday Shiva Boys’ Hindu College.

Panday thanked everyone for the outpouring of love for her father.


She said, “… I think, he got great recognition and love while he was alive and he’s just getting even more now, which I didn’t think was even possible. So no, he received love when he was alive completely. And even more so now and again, I can’t stop saying thank you so very much to the people of T&T, north south, east west!”

“Thank you to everybody, the media, the Parliament, the government has been extremely helpful. Everybody came together and made sure of unity in this country. I wish he was here to see it.”



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