FFOS: Dead Fish in Diego Martin River, Oil Sheen Still at Coral Cove

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FISHERMEN and Friends of the Sea (FFOS) is calling on the relevant authorities to investigate reports of dead fish along the banks of the Diego Martin River.

In a release on Saturday, FFOS stated, “Today, Fishermen and Friends of the Sea (FFOS) have received reports that since yesterday large quantities of freshwater species including West Nile Tilapia and fresh water eels (Zangee) have been washing down and also onto the banks of the Diego Martin River.”

Photo courtesy FFOS

FFOS stated, “Upon investigation, FFOS observed no net markings on these fish. However, we cannot confirm whether they have been dumped or they are dying from something that is contaminating the water. The residents have informed us that during this time of the year persons do not fish with nets as the water can become suddenly aggressive during periods of heavy rainfall upriver.”

It is calling on the Environmental Management Authority (EMA) and the Institute of Marine Affairs (IMA) to investigate the cause of death.

Photo courtesy FFOS

And FFOS emphasised that “Our marine environment is our food source and is being contaminated.”

And in another issue raised by FFOS, it asked whether a proper investigation was done by the EMA and IMA into reports of diesel in the waters off Coral Cove in Chaguaramas.

After an initial report by the FFOS, the EMA stated that there was “no oil sheen in the water.”

In another release on Saturday, FFOS stated, “After FFOS made several reports over the past week of diesel/hydrocarbon discharge at the Coral Cove in Chaguaramas, the Environmental Management Authority (EMA) gave their conclusion on 2nd October 2020 stating that there ‘was no visible sheen on the surface of the water.’ It appears FFOS and the public were either misled or the problem has been rectified.”

Photo courtesy FFOS

It added, “FFOS have received reports that there is again diesel/hydrocarbon sheen in the water. Attached images show the current state of the Chaguaramas basin.”

FFOS  is appealing to  Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley “to make environmental protection his national priority.”

It asked, “Why the silence? PM Rowley must act now before further damage is allowed to occur!”





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