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 Commentary: My Slow Slide into Covid Insanity

By Alicia Chamely

Commentary: My Slow Slide into Covid Insanity

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By Alicia Chamely


I write as a woman unhinged.

Not as unhinged as a parent of a SEA student, but unhinged none the less.

My slide into insanity has been a slow, foreboding one that has only been exasperated by the realisation that society around me has gone blind to the somewhat maddening tides that surround us.
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Let me explain.

On Saturday August 15, it was announced due to the rising number of Covid cases the Government would be implementing a series of restrictions for 28 days to try to curb the rate of infection.

Now forgive me if I scoffed at this, since the week before, the Government and the Opposition were hosting political rallies/early Carnival sweat fetes, where there was zero social distancing. Furthermore we had one side claiming Sunlight Will Kill Covid and refusing to tell their supporters not to gather on election night.
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Apparently Covid doesn’t spread during political rallies; it waits until elections are over then pops back up again…surprised homies!

Truthfully it would be remiss for me to blame the political parties for the upsurge in Covid because:

  1. I have zero proof they are a cause and
  2. If people were serious they would have stayed there tails in their homes or away from crowds.

I can throw fete, but it is up to those invited whether they want to come or not.
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They know if they come to my Pandemic Swank Out there is a chance of getting sick. No one is sticking a gun to their heads forcing them to come. The problem is Trinis are too damn hot foot and from psychopathic levels of FOMO.

Last week Sunday was the last day beaches and rivers would be open.

Now! Now! You would think a sane, level-headed group of people would realise the severity of the situation and start that 28-day semi lockdown a day early.

Nope! Not Trinis! Apparently, like elections, people believed Covid would be contagious starting Monday. So like lambs to the slaughter people flocked to the beaches and rivers, breathing, sneezing, happily depositing saliva droplets all over each other.

Bless me Jesus for I have lost faith in my people.

Even with restrictions in place, a steep rise in cases and an increase in deaths, people still think this is all fun and games.

On Tuesday, I made a much needed, but extremely unwanted trip to Pennywise or as I like to call it the tenth circle of hell.

As soon as I entered that store I began to regret my life choices. Apparently it is a common belief that social distancing isn’t the recommended five to six feet, but it is in fact five to six inches.

As each person passed me, I held my breath. By the time I made it to the back of the store I was on the verge of passing out from oxygen deprivation.

It was almost as if people believed that once you slapped your hand sanitiser on and got your temperature checked, you were good and clear to casually lounge in the aisles and ole talk with your neighbor’s cousin whom you haven’t seen in 24 hours.

Never in my life have I wanted to walk past people who begin to cough manically just to clear the aisles of these foolishly irresponsible limers.

What part of, ‘if you are out in public do what you need to do as quickly as possible, then get the hell out of Dodge,’ do we not understand?

All of it apparently!
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Don’t get me started on these clowns getting vex because the PM announced wearing a mask in public would soon be made law!

Ohh I have claustrophobia! Ohh I have asthma! Ohh I get anxiety! But your claustrophobia isn’t triggered by a crowded maxi or store? You asthma isn’t affected by the Sahara Dust or your partner’s smoking? Your anxiety isn’t bought on by the threat of contracting a potentially fatal illness? Frankly, Covid makes me feel as anxious as hell.

To these perpetual complainers, please stop looking at convenient pseudo-science research that supports your selfish beliefs. Actual doctors and actual scientists will tell you masks are completely safe. They will not mess with your asthma or claustrophobia or anxiety. If you still don’t wear a mask, then stay home and stay away from people who are trying to be responsible.

And speaking of mask wearing, for the love of all that is holy, pull them up over your nose. Wearing your mask below your nose makes as much sense as wearing sunglasses without lenses. You are just wearing a pair of frames and you look like a moron.

Covid is all fun and games until someone you know, a friend or a family member is taken away in an ambulance. It’s all fun and games until you hear the fright and lung rattling in their voice when they call you to tell you to where they have been taken. It’s all fun and games until you find yourself in a 14-day quarantine because you were in contact with someone who tested positive.

It’s all fun and games until you find yourself checking your temperate and everyone else in your household who is also quarantined, praying that none of you have it.
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So Trinidad and Tobago, I have become completely undone. Our irresponsible antics as a nation speak volumes. So hear what let’s take the next 22 or so days to reflect on our bad behavior. Because when the healthcare system becomes overwhelmed, we will be the only ones to blame…not the Government, not the Opposition…us and our hot foot, badder than bad selves.


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