600 Road Projects for 2024

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By Prior Beharry

MINISTER of Works and Transport Rohan Sinanan says that 600 projects are expected to be completed next year to rehabilitate every road that needs fixing in the country.

Minister of Works and Transport Rohan Sinanan. AZP News/Azlan Mohammed

He made the comments at the commissioning of the Diego Martin-West Moorings Interchange on Friday.


Sinanan said, “We anticipate, with the blessing of the Minister of Finance, another 600 projects for the upcoming year until we can reach to the point where every road in Trinidad that needs to be rehabilitated is up to the standard we want to accept.”

He added, “Next year , we are hoping to deliver the Wallerfield to Sangre Grande Highway, again a 1967 plan, and work is apace on the Manzanilla-Mayaro upgrade road, again hoping to deliver by February next year.”

Sinanan said, “We are sticking to our mandate to ensure that connectivity is maintained around the country.”


He said while there were challenges in managing and coordinating resources in his ministry, 2023 was a phenomenal year in terms of projects.

Sinanan said there were 11 projected scheduled to begin next year to deal with traffic alleviation in Maraval and in Chaguanas.


He said, “We come from four lanes coming off the interchange into three lanes up to Chaguanas and then two lanes all the way to San Fernando.”

Sinanan added, “That programme on a phased basis would be to add an additional lane all the way to San Fernando over a period of time and that would significantly reduce traffic not only to San Fernando but also on the East-West corridor where we have that bottleneck coming onto the ramp.”


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