“Hocus Pocus Alibocus! Turn these Plastic Bags into Crocus!”

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‘Like, Mrs Parisot-Potter, I too am a little miffed. Why travel to Fort Myers, Florida, for obeah training when you can do it locally for TT dollars!’

Alicia Chamely
By Alicia Chamely

AND that folks, according to my sources (the voices in my head), is the exact incantation used by those Massy executives to brainwash us into ditching environmentally harmful plastic bags and adopting reusable bags! Oh, their black magic trickery!

Indeed, there is nothing like accusations of necromancy and occult rituals being performed by powerful corporate men and women to whip up a frenzy in a population infused with a rich history of obeah and spiritualism.


Though I cannot for speak for her, I am certain Angelique Parisot-Potter, Massy’s general counsel and executive vice president of Business Integrity, was more focused on the wastage of scarce forex on executive training that incorporates new age mumbo jumbo rather than Massy CEO Gervais Warner and his fellow Massy executives learning how to talk to the dead and heal themselves with white light.

Mrs Parisot-Potter’s concern about the forex obviously went out the window as soon as she referenced the “bizarre” rituals alleged to take place at these training sessions.

Like, Mrs Parisot-Potter, I too am a little miffed. Why travel to Fort Myers, Florida, for obeah training when you can do it locally for TT dollars!

There is nothing Delphi Sphere Consulting can teach that could not be taught by an obeah man in San
Souci or Moruga! I mean if the dark arts are on their agenda, I’m sure Massy has the resources to track down the wizard or witch who leaves the two basins of severed goat heads at the Westmoorings intersection on the Western Main Road every couple of years.

Of course, Parisot-Potter’s insinuation of evil corporate heads dabbling in the art of necromancy and witchcraft breathed new life into my least favourite group of people… the conspiracy theorists.

They are just puddles of happiness as we speak, finally something else to distract them from day-to-day life that isn’t Covid and the vaccines.

They now had an excuse to turn away from their counting down the days until their belief that all those who were given the vaccine will drop dead. Goodie!

According to this special group, they have known all along that these corporate executives have been involved in the occult and every time they see their profits on the decline, they perform human sacrifices to appease the demons they serve.

Seriously I don’t have the energy. Not today, Satan!

But, I laugh because the tin foil crew is always babbling on about big “distractions.” You know things like the Massy executives are just being thrown under the bus to distract us from the government participating in their own rituals with the global cabal! This is just to distract us from the fact that the World Health Organization (who is in cahoots with all governments and corporations) plan to stage a new “plandemic” and usher in the New World Order!

And all the while they are distracting themselves and others from some seriously concerning issues happening right under our noses.


While everyone was in a huff, investing in red lavender and burning sage over their Massy bags (incase a jumbie spirit comes attached), being distracted by the countless theories and memes, many overlooked a revelation by our Minister of Finance Colm Imbert on Tuesday that large cache of illegal weapons had been stolen from our Customs sheds. Highlighting the inefficiencies of our Customs division, which serves as a line of defense in ensuring our borders are secure.

Imbert was replying to questions posed to him by Senator Wade Mark in a Senate hearing on Tuesday. Mark asked about what steps were being taken by the Customs and Excise Division to expedite the process of merchants  and individuals clearing their packages in time for Christmas. Little did he know that question would have opened a whole different can of worms.

Turns out, security at our customs transit sheds is virtually nonexistent. So nonexistent in fact, that Imbert admitted one transit shed had been broken into and those in charge were completely unaware it had been broken into and robbed until much later.


This to me is far scarier than a group of executives wearing dark robes and chanting in Latin. What is wrong with our government! How did this go on for so long? Is no one doing their job down at Customs and Excise? And we all know no one will be held accountable.

So, I apologise for not really giving a rats behind about “Massy magic”, I am more concerned about the
lack of basic functioning taking place at our customs division and one of those many missing weapons
being used against someone I know. Oh, because you know they were never able to find them. (Deep sigh).

Anyway, sorry to be such a bummer. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas! May the only black magic you encounter be the ability still fit into your pants on Boxing Day.


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