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Griffith Suspends ACP Hackshaw after PCA Report

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POLICE Commissioner Gary Griffith has suspended Assistant Commissioner of Police Irwin after the Police Complaint Authority (PCA) sent his file to the Director or Public Prosecutions (DPP).

In a release on Tuesday, the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) said Griffith suspended Hacksahw with immediate effect.

Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith.

This comes after a meeting on Monday between Director of the PCA David West and Griffith, the release noted.

The decision came just hours after the PCA issued a release noting that it had sent the findings of a preliminary investigation into allegations of unusual financial transactions involving Hackshaw to the DPP.

David West

The TTPS release stated, “The CoP said that the TTPS received these recent and latest findings and recommendations from the PCA, dated September 15th, 2020, into a report pertaining to ACP Hackshaw.

“He stated that the TTPS is having consultations with the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) and is awaiting further advice.

“An investigator will be appointed. The CoP pointed out that now that the PCA’s investigations are complete, he is in a position to act.

Irwin Hackshaw

“Weeks ago, Commissioner Griffith said he was not prepared to bow to internal and external pressure, based on newspaper articles, to take action on ACP Hackshaw as the investigations were incomplete. He said prior to this, there were no recommendations made by either the PCA or the TTPS with regard to any criminal offence.

“He said what he received in August was a recommendation for disciplinary action based on an initial report. Now that a recommendation that a criminal offence may have been committed based on an investigation, the CoP said he was now in a position to suspend ACP Hackshaw.”

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