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Cache of Gun, Ammo Found in Tortuga Village

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POLICE arrest a 32-year-old man after they find a cache of guns and assorted ammunition in Tortuga Village.

During an anti-crime exercise early Saturday, officers received information and went to the suspect’s home.

They executed a search warrant and found:

  • One Cobra revolver
  • One Maverick Mossberg pump-action shotgun
  • One 12 gauge barrel
  • Two 12 gauge shotguns
  • One 12 gauge homemade shotgun
  • One prohibited weapon, namely a nail gun
  • 479 rounds of ammo for a nail gun
  • 140 rounds of ammo
  • 75 12 gauge cartridges

Police also recovered 17 spent casings and cartridges at the house.

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Involved in the operation were officers of the Central Division Task Force and Couva Criminal Investigations Department (CID).

It was coordinated by acting Senior Superintendent Curtis Simon and acting Superintendent Wayne Mystar.


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