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Are Dashcams Legal in T&T?

  DRIVING home last Friday evening was a chore. Standstill traffic. I was forced to make a detour that doubled my driving time. It was a long week. I was tired and felt irritated. The next day, a video began making the rounds on social media showing the reason for

How to Bring a Case to Court

  By Ravi Nanga IN the unfortunate event it becomes necessary to commence an action in court in order to seek a remedy, there are a number of steps that are required to be complied with before one can obtain a judgment. While it is not absolutely necessary that you

  IT’S barely more than seven months since we recorded the first case of Covid-19 on our shores. We’re experiencing different stages of weariness from the extreme protective measures being taken to prevent the transmission of this deadly virus. There is no end in sight… for the moment. The judiciary

  With a bag of fruits and nightclothes slung over her shoulder, Delores Robinson headed to hospital. The founder of Groots T&T – a Civil Society Organisation (CSO) dedicated to providing shelter to survivors of family violence – was going to meet a woman in her 50s who had been





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Ronaldo Tests Positive for Covid

  CHRISTIANO Ronaldo has tested positive for Covid-19. A release from the Portuguese national team on Tuesday stated that the

Griffith on TTFA Suspension: Give Normalisation Committee Full Control

    By Sue-Ann Wayow   FOOTBALL in Trinidad and Tobago is on the verge of collapse with football’s world

FIFA Suspends TTFA Hadad says Normalisation Committee is Only Way Forward

    By Prior Beharry FIFA has suspended the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) with immediate effect. The world

Non-Contact Sports Allowed to Play

    ALL Sports expect team contact sports will be allowed to operate. The Ministry of Health stated this in