Zoo Calls for Ban on Fireworks

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PORT-OF-SPAIN – THE Emperor Valley Zoo is calling for a ban on all fireworks.

The calls comes after a number of animals died following the annual Independence Day fireworks at the Queen’s Park Savannah on August 31.

Recently, the zoo said a number of birds had died after trauma from the noise generated by the fireworks that left many of the animals unsettled.

It has stated that the full complement of staff had to be present during nearly 30 minute display that was sponsored by the ANSA McAL group and carried out for Fire One.

And on Friday via a Facebook post, the zoo said goodbye to one of its recently acquired kangaroos.

It stated, “We have already spoken about the loud noise levels and close proximity to the Zoo of this year’s Independence night fireworks.

“This has affected not only our animals but animals and their families across Port of Spain.

“We have heard numerous stories. Within a short time of the fireworks starting we observed the intense fluttering of some of our smaller birds who died within minutes and several other animals were visibly traumatized.

“We have worked to stabilize those affected animals but unfortunately we are sad to announce that one of our small male kangaroos did not recover from the shock and trauma experienced.

“On the night and since then we did our best with our animals. Now we must do more.

“We make a public call for a complete ban on fireworks in Trinidad and Tobago.

“Our animals and the families they are part of cannot continue in this way.”



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