Paria Stops Supplying UNIPET with Fuel

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Paria Fuel Trading Company Limited will no longer supply United Independent Petroleum Marketing Company Limited (UNIPET) with fuel.

In a statement Paria said the decision will not affect the supply of gas to the public.

It stated, “Paria will make available to the National Petroleum Marketing Company (NP) the difference in the quantity of fuel required to meet the country’s full needs. NP will distribute the full supply so that the motoring public should see no disruption.”


Paria said its decision to cut UNIPET’s fuel supply was a consequence of the parties failing to renegotiate a Supply Agreement since April 2019 and UNIPET defaulting on payments owed for September and October 2019 deliveries.

Paria stated that it was willing to continue discussions with UNIPET to achieve a solution that is both safe and in the best interest of both companies and which minimises any disruption of supply to the local market.


UNIPET has responded saying Paria’s decision was unfortunate.


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