Talking to Myself about Crime, Illegal Guns Coming in

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‘Apparently, it is easier to import high-powered guns if you know whose hand to grease than it is for me to clear a package from Amazon’


By Alicia Chamely

DID you know there are people in the world who do not have an internal dialogue? They spend their days in the blissfulness of mental silence. I envy these freaks of nature as I spend most of my days having intense internal debates or creating hypothetical solutions to both actual and hypothetical problems.

Many of these internal conversations meld together and are unpacked into my semi-entertaining (in my opinion) weekly column, allowing me a moment or two of internal silence… ahh the peace.

Well, let me tell you, this past week my internal dialogue was out of control, and I’ve got a lot to unpack. And I need to do so forthwith so that I can get a peaceful night’s sleep without borderline overdosing on my Melatonin supplements.

Firstly, I am insanely agitated regarding the MP for Point-a-Pierre David Lee’s situation. I am not agitated by his charges or his ridiculous stance that this is all part of a PNM witch hunt. What has me riled is the response of the people.

I always say Trinbagonians carry on about wanting justice to be served and for corrupt politicians to be charged, but only if it’s a politician from a party they do not support. Because apparently it’s completely inconceivable that the people they support could be capable of booball despite all the evidence to the contrary.

Another great tactic is the justifying wrongdoing with wrongdoing, for example, Yellow MP so and so may have done XYZ, but doh forget Red MP did ABC!

I mean seriously, I am screaming inside. This is why corruption flourishes in our country. We justify and we go into denial because we are so attached to political party. And for what? They all say the same things, make promises, don’t deliver, and scatter breadcrumbs for us to fight over in order to get our votes.

It’s time to evolve people! Because that minister or MP or politician you are willing to die on a hill for, probably doesn’t give two farts about you. They just sit back and feed off your blind devotion, knowing they can burn the world down without care and you’ll still support them.

Carry on fools, in the meantime there are two families who have lost their father, brother, friend, a woman who is fighting for her life and school-aged boy whose head is bandaged and probably cannot sleep at night, because our incompetent system of national security continues to let the illegal drug trade flourish, putting AR-15’s into the hands of criminals.

Shootings are nothing special in T&T. Weekly we read reports of people being “shot up.” What was horrifying about the Pennywise  Plaza heist, which resulted in the death of two men who did nothing wrong except show up to work, were the weapons used. Our criminals have levelled up from Glocks and sawed-off shotguns to high-powered semi-automatic assault rifles. All attained without a license of course.

The illegal gun trade is probably the only sector of our economy that continues to grow. And hey, what’s economic growth with the spillage of the blood of the innocent?

These guns are flowing into our borders, and nothing is being done to stop it. As someone pointed out these types of weapons most likely didn’t come in on pirogues, but through the ports.

Hey, didn’t we have scanners? Oh, that’s right they never got used! If I remember correctly, it was one wet suit-wearing former union leader that made some ridiculous comment about port workers not having to use them because the radiation would make them infertile… the idiocy in this country truly blows my mind.

Apparently, it is easier to import high-powered guns if you know whose hand to grease than it is for me to clear a package from Amazon.

Every time illegal guns are bought up some governmental mouthpiece boasts that through intel they know how the guns are getting here, who is bringing them, etc. All a bunch of bumping gums and zero action.

So, we all live in a state of perpetual terror, praying every morning that we do not become collateral damage in robberies, gang warfare and other brazen acts of violent crime.

Our minister of national security has already made it known, it’s not his job to make us feel safe, so my question is whose is it? If the man in charge has washed his hands, then we are all screwed.

I guarantee you this though, come election time if someone in the Opposition brings up the ministers statement about it not being his job to make us feel safe, some party loyalists will defend him and remind the Opposition that when they were in power Mr ABCD said this and that.

How I envy those quiet minds.


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