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US Embassy will Help Venezuelans Return Home

THE United States sanctions against Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro are designed to provide assistance to the  Venezuelan people. The according to a statement from the US Embassy in Port-of-Spain on Thursday. It follows the refusal by Trinidad and Tobago to allow for the repatriation of 100 Venezuelan because the plane that was expected to take […]Read More

US-Guyana Relations Not Going Down Well with Venezuela Ver la

By Sue-Ann Wayow THE strengthening ties between the United States and Guyana is weaking Guyana’s relationship with Venezuela. On Monday, Venezuela’s Vice President Delcy Rodriguez at a news conference criticised joint naval exercises conducted by the US and Guyana which she said was an attempt by the outgoing Trump administration to “create provocations, threats,” US […]Read More

Commentary: Democracy is Fragile, Even in ‘Murica Ver la historia

ON Wednesday January 6, 2021, Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro gathered his communications team and prepared to write a statement he had been dreaming about for years. Maduro, like all of us, watched a country that often boasted of its greatness slide into chaos. The land of the free was suffering from a public healthcare crisis, […]Read More

FFOS Still has Questions as Oil is Being Removed from

  OIL transfer from the FSO Nabarima to another vessel has begun months after an alarm was raised about the vessel’s potential risk of spilling 1.3 million barrels of crude oil into the Gulf of Paria and the Caribbean Sea. Trinidad and Tobago’s group Fishermen and Friends of the Sea (FFOS) was the first to […]Read More

Maduro Urges Women to Have 6 Children

  VENEZEULAN President Nicolás Maduro is urging women of his country to have six children. He made the call at a televised event that promoted a national women’s healthcare plan and this was good for the country while he instructed women “to give birth, give birth.” The country is facing an economic crisis which has […]Read More

Young Visits Venezuela

CARACAS – NATIONAL Security Minister Stuart Young has visited Venezuela and met with President Nicholas Maduro. A release from the Office of the Prime Minsiter stated that Young visited Caracas on Thursday “to discuss matters of interest to the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.” It stated that Young met […]Read More