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Guyana Gets €7.9 M from EU

  GUYANA has become a recipient of Euro 7.9 million from the European Union (EU). The EU in a media release said that Guyana and the EU will be working together to enhance development in Guyana. The money will be spent on mutually agreed projects and will be disbursed through the Guyanese government, including the […]Read More

UN Spotlight on Eliminating Violence against Women

  With a bag of fruits and nightclothes slung over her shoulder, Delores Robinson headed to hospital. The founder of Groots T&T – a Civil Society Organisation (CSO) dedicated to providing shelter to survivors of family violence – was going to meet a woman in her 50s who had been treated for her injuries and […]Read More

Commentary: Covid-19 Changes the World for All Time

  COVID-19 will change the world for all time. In its wake will come economic and political upheavals that could de-stabilise societies, reverse globalisation and diminish the gains made by free trade. Indeed, the post-World War II international liberal order defined, as it is, by human rights, free markets, economic and political integration is under […]Read More