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Dream Copa Final – Brazil   vs Argentina

  By Gerald Lutchman IT’S the ultimate dream match for a finals and we have one this Saturday at 8pm at the legendary Maracanã. Argentina overcame Columbia in the second semi-finals on Tuesday night by the penalty route. As is customary in this tournament Argentina scored early with great positive and attacking play. Argentina only […]Read More

Mouth Watering Euro Quarter Finals Begin

  By Gerald Lutchman THE quarter finals of Euro 2020 begin tomorrow with some mouth-watering clashes. There is no doubt that the best eight have made it to this stage. The teams in the group of death that included France, Germany and Portugal have all been dumped. In the Copa we will also see two […]Read More

Copa America: Argentina Beat Bolivia,  Uruguay Edge Paraguay

  By Gerald Lutchman IN a night of Copa America and the usual below par football, Argentina thumped Bolivia and Uruguay had a narrow win against Paraguay. Argentina 4 vs Bolivia 1 28/06/21  Arena Pantanal Argentina playing the weakest side of the group had an impressive 4-1 win. It is the first time Argentina flexed […]Read More

Copa: Brazil Held, Peru Win 

  By Gerald Lutchman IN another round of Copa America, Brazil fielding an under strength side were held to a 1-1 draw and Peru secured another victory over Venezuela. The games in this tournament have lacked excitement. It is a poor Copa America by past standards and our secondary school football has produced games of […]Read More

Easy Win for Uruguay

  By Gerald Lutchman IT was a mixed night of football with Paraguay and Uruguay emerging as victors. Uruguay got its first victory and are now on their way to the next round along with Paraguay. Bolivia 0 vs Uruguay 2 24/06/21 Arena Pantanal I did call this one correct and predicted a victory for […]Read More

Copa America: Spiritless Argentina Still Win

  By Gerald Lutchman THE pitches in Brazil appear to be at a poor standard and this may account for the poor games the Copa America is currently witnessing. Uruguay 1 vs Chile 1 21/06/21 Arena Pantanal I had predicted this would have been a drawn match and it was. It was a thrilling low […]Read More

Copa America: Venezuela Come From Behind To Draw with Ecuador

  By Gerald Lutchman I had predicted a draw in this game and I was correct. It just ended up 2-2 in what has to be the most exciting game so far in the Copa. Venezuela came from behind twice to earn a well-deserved draw. The Venezuelans are the most improved team in the tournament […]Read More

Wasteful Argentina Held By Chile

  By Gerald Lutchman IN a game they should have won by at least two goals the Argentines had to settle for a 1-1 draw. I had predicted an Argentine win but their wasteful nature threw it all away. As I indicated yesterday the South Americans seem to have a serious problem scoring goals and […]Read More

Copa: Brazil Start with Win

  By Gerald Lutchman BRAZIL start with a big win. So, it began and as predicted Brazil dominated Venezuela while Columbia was very lucky to secure a victory. The quality of the football left a lot to be desired and hopefully today we can have better games. Brazil vs Venezuela 13/06/21   3 -0    Estadio Nacional de […]Read More

Copa America Begins

  By Gerald Lutchman SO it begins today, after a change of country due to Covid-19 and a court battle in Brazil it will begin at 5pm with Brazil vs   Venezuela. Surpsingly, Uruguay has the most Copa America titles with 15 with Argentina at 14 and Brazil at nine. It was established in 1916 and […]Read More