Supermarket Trailblazer Gets Long Service Award

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PROPRIETRESS Tara Baldah is to be awarded the Long Service Award of the Supermarket Association Trinidad and Tobago.

Tara Baldah


The 26th Annual Awards and Christmas Show will be broadcast live on December 12 from 7.30 pm.

In a release, SATT stated that during 1986, in partnership with her brother Seeram Baldah, Tara started Eaton Supermarket on Mausica Road, D’Abadie.

Eaton Supermarket later moved to Eastern Main Road, D’Abadie and Baldah passed away in March 2020.

The release stated, “It is also coincidental that the announcement of this award last evening, coincided with UNDP’s Women Entrepreneurship Day, Ms Baldah was a trailblazer as a female proprietor in supermarket industry and SATT salutes her effort, not only in the development of this sector, but the association as well.”



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