Set Up Commission of Enquiry into Criminal Justice System – Alexander

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IT’S time to set up a commission of enquiry into the criminal justice system in Trinidad and Tobago.

This was the call by community activist Phillip Edward Alexander speaking outside the Red House in Port-of-Spain on Tuesday evening.

It was the sixth night of a nine-night candlelight vigil to honour the memory and seek justice for Andrea Bharatt and other women who were murdered in Trinidad and Tobago over the years. Scores gathered and lit candles under the watchful eyes of a few police officers.

Speaking to, Alexander said, “I give Andrea my solemn undertaking (that) in her name we will mobilise all of T&T and make sure that the changes that should have been made to protect her… non-lethal weapons for women, regulation and registration of PH taxis, the simple ones…”

He added, “We also need a commission of enquiry into the criminal justice system, top to bottom, stem to stern.”

See full interview below with Editor-in-Chief Prior Beharry below:




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