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 Rowley: Kamla Spreading Falsehoods

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley

Rowley: Kamla Spreading Falsehoods

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PRIME Minister Dr Keith Rowley is accusing Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar of spreading falsehood and lies to encourage the United States Government “to apply damaging sanctions against the people of Trinidad and Tobago.”

He made the comments on a Facebook page of the Officer of the Prime Minister.

On Sunday, Dr Rowley posted:

In a shameful attempt to encourage the American Government to apply damaging sanctions against the people of Trinidad and Tobago, the Opposition Leader is engaged in publishing and spreading a series of falsehoods and conspiracy theories in furtherance of her selfish political objectives. As Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, contrary to the naked mischief- making of the Opposition these are the undisputed facts:

  • Paria Trading (TT) in its regional fuel sales business properly sold gasoline destined for Aruba.
  • Paria conducted no business with PDVSA.
  • Trinidad and Tobago conducted no fuel business with Venezuela.
  • At a meeting between Trinidad and Tobago officials, including the Prime Minister,and Venezuela, including the Vice President of Venezuela, the then President of PDVSA was not in attendance.
  • The nature of the Venezuelan transport is not a matter for the Cabinet of Trinidad and Tobago
  • Trinidad and Tobago, with the agreement of the United Nations and CARICOM, recognizes the Maduro Government as the sitting Government of Venezuela and as such is constrained to acknowledging and dealing legally with the authorities there.
  • Contrary to the misinformation published by the Opposition Leader the actions of Trinidad and Tobago break no international law.
  • The Government of Trinidad and Tobago has no definitive communication from the United States Government indicating that this country is under any investigation by any agency of the United States.

The Government of Trinidad and Tobago denounces the reprehensible conduct of the Opposition Leader, her destructive minions and quisling parrots who clearly do not have the best interest of the people of Trinidad and Tobago at heart but whose only concern is the selfish expectation that this treachery will assist them all in the upcoming elections.

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