‘Revolving Door’ Causes Crime

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By Sue-Ann Wayow

PRIME Minister Dr Keith Rowley has lambasted what he referred to as a “revolving door” arrangement that allows criminals to walk free and repeatedly commit crimes.

In Parliament on Wednesday, Dr Rowley said that while the Trinidad and Tobago Service (TTPS) has some successes, it was not sufficient to overcome the growth in criminal choices.

He also said the police were now complaining to him about the crime situation saying criminals seem to have more protection than the law enforcement officers.


The Prime Minister was answering several questions asked by the Opposition as it related to government’s efforts in its quest to reduce the increasing crime rate.

One of the questions was “Why there was little to no improvement in arresting the levels of gang activity and/or gang violence across the country?”

In his response, Dr Rowley said, “One thing that has to be taken into account as we look at a question like this is the revolving door arrangement that the police is facing.”

He continued, “A number of people who engage in this crime for profit arrangement under gangs organised by persons who profit in the criminal empire are persons who come before us have no fear of arrest, a few days later they are out on bail and they continue their nefarious conduct.

‘That is the issue that should attract the Members of Parliament because as long as you keep rotating the same number who attract more people to it, it is attractive to those who chose crime as a way of life in our society.”


“The revolving door arrangement has to be stopped,” Dr Rowley declared.

Police complaining to him 

He said that police officers were now complaining to him as head of the National Security Council that criminals were free even after the police did what needed to be done for them to be behind bars.

Dr Rowley said, “Policemen I guess would be complaining to all the Members of Parliament, they put their lives on the line on a daily and nightly basis to confront the criminal element, they bring them to the fore, identify them for what they have done  and as soon as they have done that, the police is saying that those persons seem to have more protection than the police themselves who put their life on the line.”

He said, “Because the same people are out there committing the crime again and again and again and again.”

Dr Rowley said that is what Parliamentarians should be focused on as Government will seek to make it difficult for criminals to be repeat offenders.

He said, “This is the place where we have to focus on the purpose for which we come here and as long as we are not prepared to corporate across this aisle to do what has to be done to make the criminal empire unattractive to the criminal intent the criminals will get the upper hand with the police service every day!”


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