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 Rambally Calls for Unity in T&T

Dinesh Rambally

Rambally Calls for Unity in T&T

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By Sue-Ann Wayow

EVIL is growing in society and now more than ever, religious bodies need to unite to fight against this evil.

A member of the Pandits’ Parishad and legal advisor to the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha (SDMS) Dinesh Rambally on Thursday called for the unification of all people in the land in an effort to make Trinidad and Tobago a better nation.

He made the call while speaking at the Carapo Shiv Mandir following the prayischit or a ceremony to beg for forgiveness following the desecration of the temple last week.

Robbers vandalised the building, even consuming corned beef on the compound.

Hindus revere the cow as being pure and the most auspicious animal and are not allowed to kill the animal or consume its meat.

“To cook beef in the temple was, therefore, a very calculated attack on Hindus,” Rambally said.

He also said while the police were involved in the matter, the perpetrator(s) needed forgiveness for the crime.

The incident was wrong on various levels, legal, social, religious, personal and national, Rambally said.

He said, “This desecration is wrong on a personal level… that is for the perpetrator. Maybe he or she needs some kind of counselling because apart from this being a crime, this desecration looks like deep-seated and misplaced anger for which he or she will be well advised to seek help.”

Prayers were done for forgiveness for the perpetrators Rambally said.

He said, “But on a national level, the desecration of this mandir and our murtis is illustrative of the growing evil in our society. This evil is no longer outside our homes and our places of worship. We cannot outrun this evil. We cannot make a dash past it and then lock ourselves inside the safety and comfort of our homes and temples. This evil if left unchecked will continue to break down doors as they did in this temple.”

Rambally continued, “When we see the increasing crimes being committed against our mothers, fathers, sisters, daughters and sons in such a callous, heinous, egregious and evil manner, we must appreciate that Trinidad and Tobago is no longer a paradise.”

In the call for unity, he said there was no expectation that there will be a removal of all differences but that persons instead can mutually respect and appreciate the higher spiritual truths. 

Worship at the temple was suspended following the incident but after the prayer ceremony, services recommence.

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