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 Preliminary UNC Internal Elections Results: Kamla Defeats Vasant by 12,500 Votes

Kamla Persad-Bissessar

Preliminary UNC Internal Elections Results: Kamla Defeats Vasant by 12,500 Votes

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THE preliminary results of the United National Congress (UNC) internal elections show incumbent political leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar beating her challenger by close to 12,500 votes.

The elections held across the country on Sunday saw Persad-Bissessar Star team taking all the positions.

The deputy political leaders are Dr Lackram Bodoe, Jearlean John and Dr David Lee who secured the three positions from the other four people contesting.

See the results below:

Political Leader  

Kamla Persad-Bissessar (Star)                          14,833

Vasant Bharath (Lotus)                                         2,326

Deputy Political Leader 

Robert Amar                                                            1,249

Lackram Bodoe (Star)                                         12,959

Jearlean John (Star)                                           13,805

David Lee (Star)                                                   12,520

Joseph Pires (Lotus)                                            1,847

Ramona Ramdial (Lotus)                                   1,949

Stephen Ramroop (Lotus)                                 1,722


Larry Lalla (Lotus)                                            2,262

Davendranath Tancoo (Star)                        13,155

Deputy Chairman 

Khadijah Ameen (Star)                                  14,262

Hershael Ramesar (Lotus)                              2,538

Policy and Strategy Officer 

Chunilal Bedassie (Lotus)                               2,033

Sean Sobers (Star)                                         14,480
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Education Officer 

Clifton De Coteau, (Star)                                  13,562

Vera Dookie-Ramlal (Double Diamond)            264

Ramchand Rampersad (Lotus)                         1,992

Research officer 

Nazima Ali Knox (Lotus)                                    2,107

Monifa Russell-Andrews (Star)                        14,070
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Elections officer 

Kamini Ramraj (Lotus)                                    2,384

Don Sylvester (Star)                                       13,965


William Archie (Star)                                     14,175

Winston Siriram (Lotus)                                2,064

Party Organiser  

Ravi Ratiram (Star)                                        13,517

Prakash Williams (Lotus)                              2,071

International Relations Officer 

Joey Harrynanan (Lotus)                                1,996

Rishi Kanick                                                          323

Nicholas Morris (Star)                                   14,094

Regional Representative Central 

Rasheed Karim (Star)                                     14,324

Andrew Mungal (Lotus)                                   1,990
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Regional Representative North East 

Neil Gosine (Star)                                           14,359

Candice Mohan (Lotus)                                    2,043

Regional Representative North West 

Jason Peru (Lotus)                                             2,159

Eli Zakour (Star)                                             14,057
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Regional Representative South 

Shanty Boodram (Star)                                   14,320

Anil Ramjit (Lotus)                                             1,981

Regional Representative Tobago 

Bheemal Ramlogan (Star)                                13,879

Junior Barrington Thomas (Lotus)                  1,845

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