‘Phillip Will Fix It’ Continues…

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By Sue-Ann Wayow

POLITICAL leader of the Progressive Empowerment Party (PEP) Phillip Alexander has vowed to keep its campaign promises despite not winning any electoral district in the local government election.

In a statement to AZP News on Tuesday, Alexander said pledges made on the campaign trail will be materialised and also increased upon.

He said, “We pledge to deliver on all our promises made on the campaign trail.


“We pledge to complete the unveiling of our full slate of general election candidates and to launch them as Shadow MPs so that they could become familiar with both the issues and those who must vote for them.

 “We pledge to announce the creation of the shadow councillor programme and to quickly fill the gaps to make up a full contingent of 141. I personally pledge to double down, to increase the ‘Phillip Will Fix It’ campaign until we choke the others on their incompetence. We pledge to move away from the politics of bacchanal and to only answer where answering sets the public record straight.”

Alexander also apologised to the many who voted for the party for not being able to secure a seat.


The PEP contested the election in an accommodation with the Reunited Farmers  Alliance headed by Davica Thomas.

“The only party that came out of the election with its integrity intact, we had to apologise to the thousands who went out to vote for us in districts we were not represented in. For that we apologise. The size of the PEP of June 6 is no comparison to what it became by Election Day,” Alexander said.

He said it was still unfortunate that the majority of voters choose to mainly support the larger parties where nothing works at any level.  

Commenting on the low voter turn-out Alexander asked, “Why would the people vote if they get nothing in return?” 

He said both the People’s National Movement (PNM) and the United National Congress (UNC) have failed in truly representing and working for citizens.


 Alexander said, “Without winning a district the Progressive Empowerment Party was the only positive takeaway from a field of failures, has-beens and political con artists. It is why we stayed away from all of the entreaties to join with this one or that.”

He maintains that the PEP, a full national party was the only national alternative outside of the duopoly of race.

“Our commitment to a better Trinidad and Tobago is unwavering, and we give assurances to the voting public as a whole that regardless or race, color, creed or class, we in the PEP will continue to respond to your calls,” Alexander assured.

He continued his call for partnership from the voters.

Alexander said, “We thank all for the love and support over the past few months of grueling campaigning, and look forward to seeing you in your communities in the near future.

  “A special thank you to our candidates, leadership and support teams, and those who helped us through finance or volunteering to help make our showing possible. We invite you to stand with us and to go forward together.”


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