Padarath Calls for Gonzales to Appear before JSC

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PRINCES Town MP Barry Padarath is calling on the Joint Select Committee of Parliament on State Enterprises to summon Public Utilities Minister Marvin Gonzales before it.

This in response to statements made on Monday by former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Lisa Agard and Chief Financial Officer Shiva Ramnarine of the Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago (TSTT) during the committee’s inquiry into the cyberattack on TSTT.

Padarath said there was an urgency of addressing the issues raised by Agard in the public interest, noting Gonzales’ duty to the people of Trinidad and Tobago.

Padarath outlined specific questions he believed only minister Gonzales can answer:

  • Did Agard directly communicate updated and accurate information to the Minister, which he chose to disregard on October 31st, 2023?
  • Did the Minister, through the board, impose a gag order on TSTT’s Executive Management following the cyberattack?
  • Was the Minister informed of the October 3rd breach and alleged insubordination by middle management before the termination of Agard and Ramnarine?
  • Was the Minister aware of conflicts of interest within the TSTT board and its operations?
  • Who instructed the board to fire Agard and Ramnarine, and was due process followed?
  • Considering allegations of incompetence against the politically appointed board, why were they not removed?
  • What role did the Minister play in appointing Mr. Weston as the acting CEO of TSTT?
  • What is the nature of the relationship between the Chairman of TSTT, Mr. Weston, and the Minister?

Padarath said the revelations from the JSC inquiry have left the country with more questions than answers, underscoring the need for Minister Gonzales to address the issues expeditiously.

He said that Gonzales was  now at the centre of the controversy and should use the platform to present his side of the story. 

The Opposition Shadow Minister for Public Utilities expressed concern about what he perceives as continuous undermining of employees in state institutions by the government. 

According to Padarath, the TSTT situation exemplifies political interference by individuals unfit to manage such institutions.

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