More Murders than Days in 2023

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By Sue-Ann Wayow

THERE are more murders than days as 2023 begins.

Five people were killed on the first day of the year.

Two men died after being shot in Maloney on Sunday night. Reports are that explosions at Building 6 alerted police officers to respond. Upon arrival at the scene, they found the bodies of Christopher Williams, 27, and a man only identified as Ezekiel.

Earlier on Sunday, New Year’s Day, three killings were reported in Penal, San Fernando, and Caroni.

In Penal, the owner of the Auto Care Centre, Nasir Saqui, 47, was found murdered in his bed at his home at Fazal Avenue.

In Caroni, body of an unidentified man with chop wounds to the head was found near the Vishnu Boys’ College.

In Kelly Village, Ronnie Lambkin of San Pedro Road, Valencia was killed by a lone gunman when he stopped to purchase food.

Last year ended with a record high of 600 plus murders.

Respond with urgency to crime 

Member of Parliament for Caroni East, Dr Rishad Seecheran said that the murder of Lambkin at Church Street, Kelly Village, and other recent heinous acts of violence revealed the horrible state of crime in Central Trinidad. 

Describing Kelly Villlage as one of the worst crime hotspots in Central Trinidad, he repeated his call for the assignment of more crime-fighting resources to those areas in a media release on Monday.

These include the establishment of a police post, the setting up of CCTV Cameras, and the introduction of regular police patrols.

Member of Parliament for Caroni East Dr Rishad Seecheran. Photo: T&T Parliament

“The Police Service must also improve its intelligence-gathering and surveillance activities,” he said.

Seecharan said, “Even more alarming is the revelation by villagers that criminals are now using the Caroni River as a transportation conduit to carry out their nefarious crimes. The question must be asked, “Does the TTPS have the ability to monitor and intercept vessels and persons that may use the Caroni River to transport guns, drugs and persons on the run from law enforcement?” Immediate investigations are warranted to determine the accuracy of this information and steps must be taken to stop or prevent this illicit activity from occurring in the future.”

He added, “I strongly urge the Rowley Administration to appreciate the current crime catastrophe in the communities of Caroni East and surrounding districts and to respond with the urgency and seriousness that the circumstances warrant.”


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