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 Meighoo: It’s the PNM Sucking the Nation’s Blood

Dr Kirk Meighoo

Meighoo: It’s the PNM Sucking the Nation’s Blood

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By Prior Beharry

IT’S the People’s National Movement (PNM) Government that is “sucking the blood of this nation” and not the Opposition United National Congress (UNC).

This was the comment of the UNC Public Relations Officer Dr Kirk Meighoo responding a statement by National Security Minister Fitzgerald Hinds at a press conference on Sunday.

Fitzgerald Hinds

Contacted on Monday for a comment, Dr Meighoo said in typical PNM style, Hinds restored to insults in response to questions.

Hinds had said, “Imagine the very use of the Public Health Ordinance of 1940, and the regulations under that law that we have applied to protect the people of T&T, they have gone to court on that on about four occasions, they have challenged the constitutionality of that.

“They have gone to court and said it was not constitutional. And the court of four occasions, including up to recently, has indicated that nothing is wrong with the law, it has found no issue as to its constitutionality, no issue under which the methods in which the regulations are made, but the Opposition is saying they want us to come to Parliament to make it, and I know why.”

He added, “Because once we go to Parliament to make it, if they only have a half chance to object, they will object because they don’t want nothing good for the people of T&T.

“That’s why I say they are vampires sucking the blood of the nation. That’s what I say. And I’ve seen so from their conduct.”

Dr Meighoo said Hinds’comments were just to distract from the PNM’s own incompetence.

He said, “It is absolutely ridiculous to say that the Opposition UNC is sucking the blood of the nation, when it is the PNM who are sucking the HSF (Heritage of Stabilisation Fund) dry, sucking dry all the incomes of the poor people and people who are not allowed to go to work, to earn their income to earn their livelihood to open their businesses.”

He said with the rise of in the death toll and increase in crime means the PNM was literally sucking the blood of the people of T&T.

Dr Meighoo said, “Everything, all the worse insults they are putting on the UNC is just a reflection on what they are doing.”

Asked to comment Opposition Oropouche East MP Dr Roodal Moonilal said, “The last time I commented on Hinds, I made two editorials and three calypsos. I think the nation knows my advice to him.”

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