Fisherman Uses Facebook to Dupe Pirates

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A recreational fisherman is crediting Facebook Live with saving his life.

Sayyed Hosein said he encountered pirates while fishing two weeks ago just off Sea Lots.

He was speaking at a news conference hosted by Fishermen and the Friends of Sea (FFOS) in Belmont on Wednesday.

Hosein said, “I was fishing in the Gulf of Paria near Sea Lots and while out there, this boat began approaching us.

“The men on the boat began asking us all kinds of questions about where I came from, what kind of engine I had and how many boats I had.

“Those kinds of questions usually come from people who want to take your boat…They scoping you out, whether you’re a fisherman or not.

He said the incident occurred around 11 a.m. and “if they can do something like that in broad daylight, what will they do under the cover of darkness?”

Hosein said during the conversation, he took out his phone and pretended to be doing a live Facebook video.

He said, “I said aye, I just doing a blog here and you’re live on Facebook.”

The men quickly left.




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