Dil-E-Nadan’s Rennie Ramnarine Needs Kidney Transplant

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DIL-E-Nadan’s Rennie Ramnarine is in need of a kidney transplant.

He has been diagnosed with renal failure and undergoing dialysis at the Acropolis Medical Centre in San Fernando. Rennie is the guitarist and singer in the band which also includes his brother Raymond.

The band posted the latest on Ramnarine’s health on its Facebook page on Wednesday.

It stated:

“We would like to share some important news relating to the health of Rennie Ramnarine. Rennie was diagnosed with Renal Failure and as a result, he is currently undergoing dialysis at the Acropolis Medical Centre in San Fernando.

“Patients with end-stage renal failure need some form of dialysis therapy as a bridge while they wait for a kidney transplant.

“A kidney tis one of the most common organ transplant surgeries performed today. In this surgery, kidneys that aren’t working well are replaced by a kidney from a donor. This surgery is a lifesaving choice for thousands of patients with end-stage kidney disease (kidney renal failure).

“Rennie is in urgent need of a kidney transplant within the next six months to give him a second chance in life.

“We will continue to update everyone on his progress as he remains positive that he will be blessed with a donor.

“Anyone willing to help can send a WhatsApp message to 1868 798 1576 or 1868 485 9300.”



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