EMA Monitors Woodland Oil Spill

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The Environmental Management Authority (EMA) says it is monitoring the oil spill in Woodland.

In a release on Thursday, it stated, “The EMA’s Emergency Response and Investigating Unit (ERI) has been on site and has participated in site visits along with the relevant response teams from the Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries (MEEI) and the Institute of Marine Affairs (IMA).

“Arising out of the site visits, Heritage Petroleum has initiated its spill contingency plan based on resources at risk, including the sensitive mangrove ecosystem.”

It noted that booms have been placed at several locations along the South Oropouche River, Godineau River and St John River to contain the spill and prevent potential flow to the sea.

The release stated, “Heritage Petroleum has advised that fishermen and the local community are also assisting in the clean-up.

“The EMA continues to monitor the contingency plan deployed by Heritage Petroleum and will continue to coordinate with all relevant agencies and stakeholders currently investigating this spill incident.”

On Wednesday, Oropouche Mr Davendranath Tancoo had called for an investigation after reports of the spill surfaced.


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