Chin: POS Needs more Character

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By Sue-Ann Wayow

GOVERNMENT needs to rethink and redesign its plan for the capital city giving it much more personality and character in order to encourage visitors to actually have a desire to spend more time in the city.

This is according to businessman and MovieTowne owner Derek Chin who remembered a proposal given by him many years ago to a former minister.

Derek Chin

Speaking about the plans to revitalise Port-of-Spain announced by Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley earlier this week, Chin told that other stakeholders especially designers should have been consulted about the city’s  future development plans adding that there were enough ” white buildings.”

Chin, in the past had several ideas for development, some of which had been shut down including a Streets of the World theme which would have given visitors an experience of other countries.

He told that Port-of-Spain was in need of proper transformation, still faced with basic issues such as homeless people on the streets, flooding, shoddy maintenance and poor landscaping.

Chin said, “We should develop a city that has personality. Refurbish the historic sites and streets. Convert streets into proper markets.

“Have creative signs and works of art depicting our icons and souls of the past.

“Put a historic walk or pavement, proper museums and historic streets, upgrade Woodford Square and create a better Brian Lara promenade that is now an eyesore. There are so many simple things can be done to revitalise the city without spending all this money that brings little return.”
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He added, “I had suggested to Carlos John (former minister of works) way back that Ariapita Avenue should have been developed  as our historic entertainment strip with character, cobblestoned street, gas lamps, outdoor dining, live art and music on some corners, landscaped street with beautiful trees and shrubs, some statues and live stage area, parking meters shared with residences and city.”



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