Duke says Sorry for Use of ‘N’ Word

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A day after he used a racial slur, President of the Public Services Association Watson Duke says he is sorry, but only to those who do not understand the meaning of the N word.

At a press conference on Monday, Duke said “black people” and “n——” should not vote for the PNM in the upcoming Local Government elections if Government does not address the payment of salary increases to public servants by December.

He said, “If you do not speak to this matter between now and December, I am asking all n——, all black people like myself, and watch me good, meh well black, not to support the PNM. Do not do it.”

But in an interview on Power 102 on Tuesday, Duke defended the use of the N word, saying that over the years it has been “misused and abused.” Therefore, he said people misunderstood its meaning.

He claimed, “N—– is a Latin word that literally means black.

“However, while the word continues with the same pronunciation, the spelling changed over time and the meaning changed overtime.

“It actually turned out to be a very derogatory word for a great part of our history, to put down black people. But currently it is being used as a term of endearment among black people he said, adding that he used the word yesterday ‘as part of his oratory skills.”

Duke apologised.

He said, “My only apology is to those who don’t understand the use of it. But for the PNM hogs, I have no apology for those persons. None whatsoever.”

The People’s National Movement has issued a release slamming Duke for his comments.


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