Baby Kangaroo Coming at Emperor Valley Zoo

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ONE of the female Red Kangaroos at the Emperor Valley Zoo in Port-of-Spain has a joey in her pouch.

This according to a post on the Facebook page of the Emperor Valley Zoo that stated the gestation period of a kangaroo was only 34 days.

The post stated, “After which the blind, hairless new-born will ascend its mother’s fur into the pouch and latch onto a nipple.

“The new-born stays in the pouch for about six months before it is sufficiently developed to leave the pouch for brief durations.

“The joey will leave the pouch for good after approximately eight months.

The zoo posted a video showing the pregnant kangaroo.

In October, Moca, one of the llamas, gave birth to a baby girl.

The zoo stated, “This beautiful baby has been nicknamed ‘Minnie’ by her caretakers.

“Minnie is bottle fed around the clock after identifying, shortly after birth, Moca was unable to successfully nurse her newborn.”









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