Diary of a Covid-19 Lockdown – A Trini in Italy: Week 2

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By Bonnie Khan

As of March 9, 2020, Italy has been put on near-total lockdown to contain the spread of the coronavirus. It is the worst hit country outside of China with more than 35,000 infected. Bonnie Khan – a Trinidadian living in Venice, Italy – is recording her life during the lockdown.

Wednesday 18 March developments

  • Number of people infected with Covid-19 in Italy: 35,713 (4,207 more than yesterday)
  • Patients recovered: 14,363
  • Number of people infected with Covid-19 in the Veneto Region: 3,214 (291 more than yesterday)
  • Patients recovered: 195

News round-up: This evening’s news showed images of people out and about all over the country. With and without masks, they were walking their dogs, jogging and meeting friends. They are not taking the mandate to stay at home seriously, even as infection and deaths continue to rise.

Authorities are frustratingly understanding about it: it’s Spring, the sun is glorious and Italians love being outside.

Don’t get me wrong, there are millions of law-abiding Italians staying at home, sacrificing seeing their own parents and loved ones. But it will take everyone to stay in for the problem to get under control.

So now, the lockdown will now continue past April 3, and they anticipate a curfew around mid-April.

Government wants more random testing to find the asymptomatic spreaders.

The new flexible paper mask

In local news, one of the largest printing companies in Europe based in Veneto – Grafica Veneta – has designed and printed two million flexible paper masks which will be distributed to pharmacies for sale to everyone. Doctors have also found that hypertension is the most common risk factor for those needing hospitalisation.

Life under lockdown: Days 8-10

This week has had its moments.

On Monday, I managed to see my dentist to get my wisdom tooth pulled. The misnomer-ed molar lived up to its reputation and got infected at the least convenient time. Luckily my dentist is open one day a week for emergencies. It was a strange appointment: just him and me in a completely empty office. I like my dentist. But he is dramatic conspiracy theorist. In the time the anaesthetic took to work, me and my numb mouth were bombarded with three different theories. While he was wrangling with my tooth, I got a couple more. No, I’m not sharing them.

I love a good conspiracy theory. Just not now. Not when we’re in the middle of a crisis.

Math homework

On Tuesday, we found out that there are about 30 people in self-isolation within a ten-minute walking radius of our home. This means that they’ve probably been using the same supermarkets and pharmacies. It’s too close to home and I need to be rational about the paranoia I’m feeling.

I was also supposed to start work on Tuesday, but the system is so overloaded with everyone across Europe working from home that I can’t log on. This isn’t really a ‘problem’ though, if I’m completely honest 😊.

On a lighter note, my lovely husband has decided to grow a moustache. He’s calling it the #lockdownlook. I’m not going to say anything more about that. But if you have a husband or friend who needs to take his mind off the coronavirus, join in!

Husband’s moustache

Today, Wednesday, people have been asking if the water in Venice is transparent again. I really want to check, but I can’t go outside for a couple of days, aargh! So, when Diego went to the grocery today, I asked him to take a picture for me. Predictably, he forgot. We are two minutes away from a canal and yet I can’t even see one!

I also managed to say something stupid to upset my mom while I was talking to her on WhatsApp. I apologised of course. But it’s a reminder that we’re all in a highly stressful situation out of our control. They’re worried about us, we’re worried about them, we’re thousands of miles apart with no chance of being able to travel to each other. Managing your emotions and keeping a level head needs to happen, for everyone’s sanity.

I hate this lockdown today. The sun is beautiful and I’m desperate to go outside. We’ll know by the middle of next week if it is working to bring the numbers down. Then, hopefully, we’ll be able to see the light of day by the beginning of May.

Oh well, andrà tutto bene, it will all be okay. Because how can it not, right? A dopo, till the next time.

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