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An Anti-Vaxxer Loud Speaker Came Up Behind Me

TODAY I come before you as a new woman! One week ago, for the sake of mental health, I took the painstaking decision to ignore my burning natural urge to engage with antivaxxers and/or pushers of misinformation on social media. It was not an easy week by any stretch; it was white knuckles and gritted […]Read More

7 More Covid-19 Deaths in T&T 297 New Cases

  SEVEN more people have died as a result of Covid-19. This according to the latest update (#830) from the Ministry of Health on Saturday. It also reported 297 new Covid-19 cases taken from samples during the period August 24 to 27. See below:  Total people tested: 306, 536 New cases: 297 Active cases: 4,701 Patients recovered:  38,321 Total positive […]Read More

Why I Engage Herds of Morons on Social Media

I have an announcement to make. As of today, I Alicia Louise Chamely will be taking a week long break from social media. No longer can I stand the increasing levels of idiocy that is displayed on a daily basis by overly opinionated, questionably educated individuals that flood the comment section of every single news […]Read More

9 More Covid-19 Deaths, 249 New Cases

NINE more deaths have been recorded due to Covid-19 in Trinidad and Tobago on Friday. According to the Ministry of Health, there were 249 new cases taken from samples during the period August 23 to 26 See below:  Total people tested: 305, 681 New cases: 249 Active cases: 4,710 Patients recovered:  38,022 Total positive cases: 43,999 Deaths: 1,267 Patients in hospital: 279 Patients […]Read More

URP Worker Charged with Forging Immunization Cards

  By Prior Beharry A 52-year-old Unemployment Relief Programme (URP) employee has been charged with forgery of immunization cards with intent to deceive. Terry Garib, of Mt Stewart Village, Princes Town, was placed on $150,000 bail and was ordered to surrender his passport as part of his bail conditions. He was not called upon to […]Read More

6 More Covid-19 Deaths

SIX more people have died due to Covid-19 in Trinidad and Tobago. This according to the latest update (#828) from the Ministry of Health on Thursday. It also reported 212 new Covid-19 cases taken from sample during the period August 22 to 25. See below:  Total people tested: 304, 866 New cases: 212 Active cases: 4,838 Patients recovered:  37,654 Total […]Read More

Man, 72, Dies in Tobago from Covid-19

  TWENTY-four new Covid-19 cases are reported in Tobago with one additional death. The Division of Health, Wellness and Family Development on Thursday reported the death of a 72-year-old man without comorbidities. In addition, there were now 475 active coronavirus cases on the island. Clinical update for Tobago as at 10 pm on Wednesday: New […]Read More

President Weekes Gets PCR Test, Not Covid-19 Shot in NY

  By Sue-Ann Wayow PRESIDENT Paula-Mae Weekes did not take an additional dose of the Covid-19 vaccine in New York but in fact underwent a PCR test abroad which is required for entry into Trinidad and Tobago. The President at a press conference on Wednesday afternoon said she was not vaccinated at Kings County Hospital in […]Read More

PM: Night-Time Liming Spreads Covid… Reason for Wanting SoE Extension

  By Sue-Ann Wayow IF Government did not act at the time it did in implementing the State of Emergency (SoE), Trinidad and Tobago would have been in a much worse position with skyrocketing numbers of Covid-19 related cases and deaths. And the only reason why the SoE extension is being requested is to discourage night-time socialisation. […]Read More

Did President Weekes Get a 3rd Covid-19 Shot?

  By Sue-Ann Wayow Did President Paula-Mae Weekes receives a third shot of the Covid-19 vaccine? This is the question being posed after photo with President Weekes at a hospital in New York was shared on Facebook on Tuesday. Kings County Hospital in New York posted a picture of the president on social media along […]Read More