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 Commentary: I’m No Anti-Vaxxer

Commentary: I’m No Anti-Vaxxer

By Alicia Chamely

GUESS what small pox, measles, and polio all have in common?

They are all diseases that if you caught in the earlier parts of the 20th Century would leave you either dead or disabled. They are all diseases that thanks to science, we can now be vaccinated against.

They are all diseases that were once for very longtime controlled and were no longer a threat to humanity until anti-vaxxers came along.

I consider myself an extremely tolerant person. However if there is one group of humans for whom I have exactly not a single iota of patience for are anti-vaxxers and their dotishness.

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Thanks to anti-vaxxers we have seen the return of measles and other preventable diseases. We have read stories of parents refusing to let their children get tetanus shots and then getting very upset when their said offspring die from infection. But hey according to their logic better to die from preventable blood poisoning than from Big Pharma injecting scary  unpronounceable chemicals into their bodies.

Long watery stueps.

I am touching on this because thanks to groups of scientists working around the clock in the midst of a pandemic, we currently have three vaccinations against Covid-19. These vaccines are from Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Moderna. The Pfizer vaccine is the only one that thus far has received FDA approvals and CDC approvals in USA.

As expected my least favorite group of people have pulled out their essential oils, Google medical degrees and paranoid conspiracy theories to undermine what could be a key element in having life return to some degree of normalcy.
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I have seen a lot of misinformation regarding the Covid -19 vaccines being circulated and have chosen to dispel some of it.

My personal favourite sprinkle of craziness is these vaccinations will allow the Government and the New World Order to track us, but to also to alter a minds. Trippy man.

Well here’s a fun fact! Do you have a mobile phone, internet access, any form of nation ID? If you have answered yes, well guess what you are already being tracked. As for mind manipulation, that is already being done thanks to social media and online advertising algorithms. Ta Da! You aren’t that interesting Greg! No one wants to track you.

A big concern among these nutters and some regularly rationale people are how quickly these vaccines were developed. I get this concern, but the reason they came out so quickly simply has do with the amount resources and money poured into the research.

Typically researchers find themselves and their work being held back by funding, access to equipment and good old back logged bureaucracy.

Due to the social and economic impact of the pandemic, scientists were highly funded, they were flown to where they needed to be on a moment’s notice, and they were given access to best equipment and laboratories around the world.

Regarding the trails, it is important to know what was fast tracked and what wasn’t during the human trails; which is arguably one of the most important stages in any vaccinations development.

Dr Andrew Badley, an infectious diseases physician at Mayo Clinic and head of Mayo Clinic’s Covid-19 Research Task Force, explained in an interview what was fast tracked was the paper work. It was made priority.

What was not fast tracked was the really important stuff; enrollment of patients, clinical follow-up of these patients, capturing the events which occurred and the follow-up.

The three vaccinations currently being reviewed for distribution have been safely tested and held up to highest standards.

Also think about it, do you really think any big pharmaceutical company wants to be responsible for killing the global population or bringing on the zombie apocalypse? Nah, they are in the business to make money not to lose it in law suits.

Finally a big concern appears to be the Government making vaccinations mandatory. That’s right you have no choice, jab jab, you are vaccinated.

Yeah in this day and age, no democratic country can force anyone to take anything without starting a riot. Additionally, like with all vaccines, some people will not be able to take them due immunity problems or allergies.

What will happen is that the vaccine will first be made available to medical personnel and those most at risk for complications caused by Covid. Then it will be up to the rest of us.

So call me a uniformed sheep, brainwashed by the media, yada yada, I don’t care. I like to look at things practically, weigh the pros and cons and look at fact over emotion. Vaccines like all medications have risks, but the benefits by far outweigh those risks.

Now if only they could fast track a vaccine against stupidness, we’d be set.



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