Commentary: Defining the Word ‘Maduro’

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It also helps when this act of patriotism comes with the bonus of the largest oil reserves in the world, along with gold and other precious minerals ripe for mining

Alicia Chamely
By Alicia Chamely

OXFORD Dictionary named “Rizz” the word of the year for 2023.

For us elderly, Rizz refers to a person’s ability to attract a romantic partner through their charm and charisma.

Much like Gretchen Wiener tried to make “Fetch” happen, I Alicia Chamely am going to make “Maduro” happen for the year 2024.

Maduro [Muh-do-row] Noun.

He is an out-of-control, audacious, mad man willing to stir up some shizz, and take what is not his in a desperate effort to maintain power. Darren is a real Maduro, jusso he gone in he neighbour yard, pick all he mango and bawl the tree was his because dat tree grow from a seed dat feel from Darren tree before de land was split up to build house. Yuh eh see he mad.

Verb maduro-ed. To boldly take something that is not yours and claim it as your own. Aye! Keisha done maduroed de dress I lent her last week, she wearing it all over and bawling that it’s hers.

It takes a certain level of audacity to decide to claim another nation’s land as your own. Audacity and desperation.

President Nicolas Maduro’s move to annex the Essequibo can be seen as a last-ditch effort to reignite support for his government, after losing much ground to the opposition. Elections are set to happen next year and homie’s got to have a plan. Nothing brings people together like patriotism and when you find yourself in a losing space, rallying a national cause is the best way to earn the people’s favor. It also helps when this act of patriotism comes with the bonus of the largest oil reserves in the world, along with gold and other precious minerals ripe for mining.

So Maduro held a referendum, created new maps of Venezuela to include the new state of Guyana-Esequiba, granted licenses and encouraged state-owned energy and mining companies to begin exploring the area, told all non-Venezuelan companies currently established in the Essequibo region they had three months to beat it, and arrested a bunch of opposition members for allegedly planning to sabotage the referendum – a devious scheme being financed by those bloodthirsty imperialists from Exxon-Mobil.

Just completely baffling actions, I mean. If bold-faced was a person.

And Guyana, is angry and have every right to be. How dare this man think he can come into their home. Thankfully, Guyana has received the support from their neighbours and the military assistance from the US and Brazil, should it go all hell in a handbasket.

It’s tense, and it’s stressing me out. I cannot fathom how you can ups and decide to just declare another country’s territory as yours. As I said, fully on loco and desperate. Power and greed will blacken even the brightest soul.

And it’s scary, because any conflict to come will have serious humanitarian and ecological effects.

Venezuela’s economy has begun to stabilise and has seen growth, especially with the ending of sanctions placed against them. Life in urban Venezuela has become good again. However, the people of Venezuela are having a hard time forgetting the nightmare they lived through with shortages, power outages and bearing the burden of alleged government corruption. Therefore, it’s not surprising with elections coming up Maduro isn’t in the best place and opposition leader María Corina Machado has gained serious ground.

This man is willing to plunge his country back into misery over a ridiculous border dispute that has no business happening.

The people who will hurt the most are the Venezuelans, especially rural Venezuelans. Funds and supplies will be redirected to support the annexation of Essequibo. If Venezuela so much as breaks wind near that border, sanctions will be placed right back on them.

Should this situation progress, should Venezuela invade the Essequibo, we will again see a financial crisis in Venezuela that will again prompt a mass migration of refugees to neighbouring nations.

We will see swaths of the Essequibo rainforests be destroyed. We will see the Guyanese first peoples being displaced from their ancestral lands.

And for what? So, Maduro can beat his chest? Hold on to the dying Chavismo mindset that is no longer working?

Madness and desperation.



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