Thinking with Purpose

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AS I ponder long and hard on the realities of life and recognising that the Christmas season is upon us, I’ve realised our own thoughts determine our reality and mentality.

Negative thoughts are common in our minds as we live in this world. Our reality is influenced by our thoughts, so if we want to make any improvements, we need to first change how we think. I must admit, it was not easy for me to navigate my poor life during the early days of Treldon. But I emerged from the darkness and made sense of my world by allowing my thoughts to change.

Christmas is the time for gift-giving, which both parties need to discuss. What a joyous time it is! Growing up poor, I never received any gifts from my parents. Then, food was of greater importance. Remember that many people may not be receiving or giving a gift due to a lack of money, so it’s important to consider your options. The issue lies in your choices. It’s up to us to decide whether to give food or gifts.

So demonstrating how your mind can trick you, if you listen to people all the time, you could potentially lose your mind. Individuals have their own unique path to follow and in finding themselves, which can change your perspective. You shouldn’t give control of your thoughts or mind to others for that reason.

Crime in this country is reflected in the minds of all citizens. This is the reality we are currently experiencing. If this is being demonstrated, then crimes are reflected in the minds of citizens as well. However, it doesn’t mean that you should only dwell on the negative.

Something to consider, well-dressed, but messy inside. Your inner self is not the same as your well-dressed appearance. Trinidad and Tobago’s people are well-dressed. Don’t you agree? But do they possess heart and sincerity within themselves? It’s clear that we may have lingering issues that require therapy sessions due to the many ills in society.

If various problems are showing up in our country, then I believe it’s because people are not truly happy. A happy people will do things in accordance with the right way, the logical way so the question to ask is: Are we happy inside? If the answer is no, then the issues are high on the agenda to fine-tune yourself.

You may wonder why I decided to address these issues. I know personally about crime, it’s a problem that stems from societal ills and losing yourself in your own world mentally. I may have to destroy your precious thoughts if you want a better world or nation mentally! Our thoughts need to align with a purpose. If we don’t have a purpose, we will be prepared to fail and our lives can become out of control.

What are some possible places to go or look for assistance? A close spiritual friend can be very helpful to guide you through your storms. I want to make an appointment with you to discuss facts. We all have storms and problems, but it’s how we maturely march through them progressively that makes the difference in our world.

Negative thoughts can never make you a happier person, period. You cannot dwell on negativity to solve your problems. It won’t happen, that’s for sure. Having positivity as a stream of thought is a must for success in life. Let’s finally learn to find ourselves. Find purpose and once you find it, a better life for a beautiful soul will come.

In conclusion, what prompted me to include my stream of thoughts in my column this week? I have firsthand knowledge of the effects when strange thoughts emerge. So through this column I tried to show you different facets of what thoughts can do and how to overcome your obstacles… We need to work on your soul’s purpose in life and practice holistic living. Try it and I know you will see a difference in your will to improve as your perspective will be in a right standard, unmovable like a tree deeply rooted in the water of life. Thank you for reasoning and tracking with me. Remember all your thoughts can change and you are your own driver, so drive well to the nuggets of life’s insights!

Treldon Layne is a motivational speaker


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