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 Commentary: An Annoying Week

Commentary: An Annoying Week

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By Alicia Chamely

I am severely annoyed.

This was by far one of the most annoying weeks for the year.

My annoyance didn’t stem from one particular event but rather a series of somewhat small things that just kept adding to my existing aggravation.

It all started on Monday when I realised my six-year-old daughter had out grown her school uniforms. She’s grown three inches in less than a year and all her dresses have reached pum pum level of shortness.

This annoyed me since she only wore these uniforms for two terms before schools were closed due to Covid-19. I didn’t even want to think about the school shoes I bought her two weeks before her school’s closure, which at this point I am sure have dry rotted.

Regarding schools, on which nothing much has been said, having teachers vaccinated would be amazing. We are seeing a record high number of students dropping out of schools due to being unable to access online learning or not having the support to continue their studies.

Anyway you want to spin it, our nation’s youth are suffering. Many will re-enter the school system far behind where they should be. Unfortunately without specialised support, which I am again sure no one has really thought about, these students will most likely not catch up or will not finish their schooling.

This naturally will later contribute to the most vulnerable of these youths getting themselves into trouble, adding to an already spiraling crime rate.


This then led me to think of the non-existent vaccines.  First we were getting lots at the end of the month, then we were getting half of our order, now we aren’t sure if we will get them on time. Meanwhile all of our CARICOM neighbours are going full steam ahead with their vaccination plans.

I was rather perturbed when during one of his Conversations with the prime minister segments; Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowely turned his nose up at other CARICOM countries for asking for gifts of vaccines.

According to Dr Rowely, when you ask for a gift you are essentially begging. Apparently the Government of T&T doesn’t beg.

Look, at this point beg, get on your knees and kiss whatever bottom you need too. The country needs these vaccines to reopen and move forward.

No one will remember the Government that turned down charity and held its people back for the sake of principle and pride. They will remember the Government that humbled themselves and asked for help to benefit their people.

Sometimes you have to go low to get out on top.

When it comes to vaccinations we are doing extremely poorly. According to a wonderful info graphic from that my editor sent to me, as if he was trying to add fuel to the fire of my seething disappointment, T&T is doing the worst in Caribbean in terms of vaccinating.

How bad? Well according to Our World in Data our total number of vaccinations administered per 100 people in the total population is… drumroll please…0.03%.

We are literally the worst performing CARICOM nation when it comes to vaccinations.

So annoyed.

Adding to my annoyance is Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith versus restaurant owner Jenny Dan-Sharma. Dan-Sharma was rather pissed when police officers entered her restaurant one evening to ensure they were following Covid-19 protocol and closing their doors at 10pm.

Like many people who feel the need to overshare, she expressed her displeasure on social media, saying she felt as though the police were being deliberately intimidating and that maybe they should spend some more time fighting real crime rather than roughing up her restaurant patrons.

Well we all know Gary doesn’t like criticism. So he took some time to attack Dan-Sharma and few others. It really got a little ridiculous.

You could literally feel the smugness oozing off of Griffith, when a couple of days later Dan-Sharma’s business was shot up.

*loudly groans*

Gary, we understand you have the crappiest job in T&T. You are trying to do your thing with minimal support, everything becomes politicised, it’s a struggle to get the laws you need to make your job easier passed and you don’t even have an official headquarters.

But dude come on. In these cases take the high road.

Speaking of crime, I see we had fun week of rape, murders and stomping people’s faces. Apparently we are devolving into a society of animals.

Annoyed and enraged.

Then some genius decided to vandalise those creepy looking lions on Charlotte Street, gifted to us from the Republic of China. The same Republic of China we are in talks with to get our vaccines.

Some desperate man decided they were a perfect canvas to explicitly advertise his willingness to perform cunnilingus and for a good time give him a call.  Partner if you have to advertise it, chances are no one wants it from you.

Finally, I was annoyed that I was so annoyed it gave me writer’s block. So I decided to share my annoyance, because sharing is caring, and maybe if more people were constructively annoyed there would be less to be annoyed about.

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