Brother of State Witness Killed

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THE brother of a state’s witness was gunned with another man on Monday afternoon in St Mary’s Village in Moruga.

Oba Gill James, the brother of Shumba James, the main witness for the state in the murder trial against six police officers, was killed at his home.

Police said that James and his employee, Brandon Seenath, 33, were killed while in the garage around 5.30 pm. They were fatally shot by two gun men.

Investigators said that Oba Gill James  was on a charge for the possession of cocaine for trafficking.

Shumba was a witness for the prosecution against the officers who were charged with the murders of Abigail Johnson, 23, Alana Duncan, 28, and Kerron “Fingers” Eccles, 26, on July 22, 2011, at Rochard Douglas Road.

In November, after almost 13 years after being charged, the six officers were freed.

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