Boris Johnson Becomes Prime Minister of the UK

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Prime Minister of the UK Boris Johnson 



LONDON: BORIS Johnson has been sworn in as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, saying, “It was time to change the record.”

He is a staunch supporter of Britain withdrawing from the European Union and promised that his country will leave by October 31.

Johnson met with Queen Elizabeth II who invited him to form the new government in line with Westminster traditions. He is an ex-mayor of London and a former foreign secretary.

He has offered a rebuttal to those who my doubt his ability to lead given his sometimes over-the-top displays.

In his first speech as Prime Minister he said, “After three years of unfounded self-doubt, it is time to change the record.”

Johnson made numerous references to Brexit – the issue that has divided the country, fractured the Parliament and caused his last two predecessors to resign.

He said, “No one in the last few centuries has succeeded in betting against the pluck, nerve and ambition of this country. The will not succeed today.”

Saying the “buck stops with me” he promised 20,000 more police officers on the streets and the strengthening of the National Health Service.

He is the 14th prime minister under the reign of Queen Elizabeth II.


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