The Body of One Fisherman Washes Ashore

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Anand Rampersad


COUVA – THE body of one fisherman who went missing after a pirate attack on the high seas on Monday has been found.

He was one of seven fishermen who had gone missing after the incident.

The relatives of Anand Rampersad broke down in tears when his body was discovered in the waters just off Point Lisas early this morning, said Christopher John, President of the Orange Valley Pirogue Association.

The men were part of a group of 18 fishermen in six boats from Orange Valley and Carli Bay who had gone fishing on Monday.

Reports stated that they were braced by gun-toting men and relieved of their boats and engines. The pirates left one of the boats without its engine and another was found drifting. The pirates appeared to be locals with one having a Guyanese accent, some of the survivors said.

Seven men including Rampersad went missing and eleven others some of whom were on board the boat without the engine were recused by a passing vessel. Others

swam to shore, witnesses said.

Still missing are Shiva “Arie” Ramdeo, Jason “Trevor” Baptiste, Brandon Kissoon, Justin Kissoon, Hemraj “Alex” Sooknanan and Leslie Dubulay.

Police have since held four men from Sea Lots and recovered all the engines following the incident.



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