Girl, 10, Among 4 Murdered

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A ten-year-old girl and three teenagers were killed just after midnight on Thursday.

The deceased have been identified as Faith Peterkin, 10, Shane Peterkin, 17, Tiffany Peterkin, 19 and Adris Crawford, 17.

The quadruple homicide took place around 12.30 am while the four were asleep at home at La Retreat Ext, Heights of Guanapo.

Five other persons were also wounded in the incident, including two 14-year-olds and are being treated at the Arima Hospital.

Reports are that while the victims were asleep, loud explosions were heard. 

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A man dressed in black with a hoodie covering his head was seen leaving the scene, escaping into the bushes.

Following checks, the victims were found to be suffering from apparent gunshot injuries on their bodies.

First Responders from Northern Division Task Force North and Arima police officers along with an EHS conveyed the injured persons to the Arima Health Facility. 

There the four were pronounced dead on arrival and the others being treated. 

There are police officers currently at the hospital and officers are also conducting investigations at the scene.


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