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 30 Places to Become Heritage Sites in Trinidad

Knolly Tunnel. Photo Credit: National Heritage Site

30 Places to Become Heritage Sites in Trinidad



ST CLAIR – THIRTY properties are recommended for listing as heritage sites by the National Trust of Trinidad and Tobago.

This was revealed by Minster of Minister of Planning and Development Camille Robinson-Regis and Chairman of the National Trust Margaret McDowall at ceremony at Briarend House, also known as Audrey Jeffers’ House in St Clair, Port-of-Spain, on Wednesday.

Robinson-Regis said, “To the property owners and caretakers, you are some of the fortunate few who can proudly boast that something under your care—built or maintained by you or by your organisation, where you have lived, worked, worshipped and admired—contributes in a very grand way to the heritage of Trinidad and Tobago.

From left to right, Chairman of National Trust Margaret McDowall with Minister of Planning and Development Camille Robinson-Regis and Permanant Secretary of the Ministry Joanne Deoraj. Photo Credit: National Heritage Trust

“The Ministry of Planning and Development, under which the National Trust of Trinidad and Tobago is incorporated, has been at the forefront of advocacy for promoting historic legacies, especially that which coheres with the thrust for modernisation providing links to our past, making us proud, or giving us pause to reflect and to improve our present.”

McDowall said, “Most of the properties are being investigated are brought to the attention of the Trust by the citizens and organisations.

“In addition, a major part of the process includes publication in the Gazette and three daily newspapers twice in the process as well as informing the owners of these assets so that they can have discussions with the Trust before the process is over.

Knolly Tunnel. Photo Credit: National Heritage Site

“The Trust decided to have this event today at the time when the Notices to List are being signed for publication in the Gazette, as an ideal time to highlight the process to the general public and again reach out to the owners of these properties

“Now most of us think of Heritage as Cultural Heritage and as we amend our Act, we will need to get into that discussion.

“However as I am sure you will agree most monuments, fossils, places and sites of natural beauty are heavily influenced by our rich and varied culture.

“So while the National Trust focuses on the tangible aspects of heritage, it is very aware of the cultural influences and seek to record them in the dossiers.”


She said the criteria that the National Trust uses for listing buildings were:

  • Individual architectural merit;
  • Historical associations, social and economic;
  • Sociological interest;
  • Technological innovation; association with well-known characters or events;
  • Group value such as examples of town planning or community development.

McDowall said, “There are only 13 Listed Properties of Interest at this time and the National Trust cognisant of the major contribution that Heritage can provide both in terms of National Pride and Awareness and the development of a major Heritage Economy determined that it needed to increase the number of sites that the country can recognise.

“Over 60 sites were initially identified and more have been added to that list.

“However, the National Trust thought it best to get the first batch out for public awareness and recognition.

“The task of listing these 30 properties of interest that are presented today was an arduous one and I applaud the staff of the National Trust for the months of preparation and all those who worked tirelessly in the past week to ensure that this event could come off.”


The 30 Properties of Interest for which the Notice to the Gazette has been prepared are:

  1. John’s (London) Baptist Church
  2. Conquerabia
  3. Holy Trinity Cathedral
  4. Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church
  5. Trinidad Building and Loan Association Building
  6. Old Public Library (POS)
  7. Old Fire Station Building (POS)
  8. Old Police Headquarters (POS)
  9. The Red House
  10. Shiva Mandir, (Gasparillo)
  11. Arima Dial
  12. Exchange Village Shiv Mandir
  13. Petroglyphs, (Caurita Stone)
  14. Sarah Morton Dormitory
  15. The San Fernando Railway Station
  16. TGR No. 11 (Train Engine)
  17. Wild Fowl Trust
  18. Knollys Tunnel
  19. Sangre Grande Old Post Office
  20. Joseph R.C. Church, St. Joseph
  21. Laventille Water Trough
  22. Nelson Island
  23. 58 Piccadilly Street, Port-of-Spain
  24. The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception
  25. Briarend (Audrey Jeffers House)
  26. Main Ridge Forest Reserve
  27. All Saints’ Anglican Church
  28. Francis of Assisi R.C. Church
  29. Boissiere House
  30. St Vincent Jetty Lighthouse




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