Warehouse Quarantined: 14K Unregistered Drugs Seized

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By Prior Beharry

POLICE have seized 14,227 pharmaceutical items worth more than $1.5 million they said were unregistered at a warehouse in Trincity.

The warehouse was placed under quarantine with items worth $10 million.

In a release on Saturday, the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) stated that after several reports of the sale of unregistered and expired drugs, currently being sold to the public at pharmacies throughout Trinidad and Tobago from Commissioner of Police, Erla Christopher, the Multi-Agency Task Force (MATF) investigated the matter and acted upon this information on Friday in Operation Windsor.


During the exercise, the Chemistry Food and Drug Inspectors discovered several breaches of the Food and Drug Act Chapter 30:01 that were committed in the company’s warehouse at Tissue Drive, Trincity Industrial Estate, the release stated.

The Food and Drug Inspectors ordered that the pharmaceutical section of the warehouse be placed under immediate quarantine owing to the lack of a  Pharmaceutical Wholesale Licence and Licenced Pharmacist for the site, it stated.

The release stated, “The Inspectors also immediately seized 14,227 pharmaceutical items, which were found to be unregistered and therefore not allowed to be sold in Trinidad and Tobago.

“These items were estimated to be valued at over $1.5 million. The items quarantined at the warehouse were estimated to be valued at over $10 million.

“Seizure Notices were issued to the warehouse manager and the warehouse area was secured and ordered sealed, by the Food and Drug Inspectors.

“The director was interviewed, and he provided certain useful information and documentation.”


The release stated that Operation Windsor was planned and executed in conjunction with the Chemistry Food and Drug Division after reports that many pharmacies have breached the Food and Drug Act, Chapter 30:01.

It stated, “A cosmetic company was listed as one of the companies in which unregistered pharmaceuticals were found at its various locations. As such the company’s warehouse was selected by the Chemistry Food and Drug Division for further inspection and to investigate previous reports made to the TTPS.

“Around 11:48 am on Friday 27th October, 2023, the party of investigative officers went to a warehouse, located at Tissue Drive, Trincity Industrial Estate. They were met by a Director of the company and a Warehouse Manager.”


The Chemistry Food and Drugs Inspectors then conducted an inspection of the warehouse for pharmaceutical items stored at the location, the release stated.

ASP Haynes informed the director of the reports being investigated by the MATF, which were made by the Chemistry Food and Drugs Division and requested certain documentation and information. The Director then asked his employees to make checks for the said records to provide the documentation requested.

Seized item removed from warehouse. Photo: TTPS

The officers of the MATF then assisted the Food and Drug Inspectors in taking the seized pharmaceutical products to the Chemistry Food and Drugs Laboratory Building, Frederick Street, Port of Spain. There they were lodged for safekeeping and further investigation.

The MATF Unit will continue to investigate previous reports made to identify the origin of unregistered pharmaceutical items entering Trinidad and Tobago, the release stated.


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