He Who Blames Others…

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He who blames himself is halfway there.
He who blames no one, has arrived – Chinese Proverb

SITTING one evening, I contemplated what it takes to find that person to blame for the ups and downs in our lives.

Reflecting on that old Chinese Proverb, I came to recognise that the first place to look is the inner self. If we have to move forward as a society, we need to find answers cause it always starts with who we are inside. Once we are aware of that notion of self, then we should take action in our lives to look within for answers either hidden or in plain view. That should be a mode of action for us to move forward progressively.

A point we all need to understand is that we have a hidden self and a public self. What is hidden may be known to us but not known to the public. Meanwhile, what is known to the public and people should be aware of us, hopefully.


So even though we are hiding parts of ourselves, the public can know things about us that can act like a mirror reflecting at us. Occasionally, it is okay to ask your friends, parents or whoever you interact with, some self-searching questions like, ‘what do you see me as an individual?’ The more you understand yourself, you can be in a better position to march forward progressively because you understand the vehicle which is in yourself to make your life better and greater.

Once you try this trick of the trade, you can understand your instrument and look within to fix the problems beforehand. Then, you will be using wisdom in the right way to fix you as an individual designer of your life.


With all these statements, I would like to offer some advice to my readers who are mindful for that changed life, then that person starts with you.

Life on these islands has many ups and downs but they are something we can sincerely get away from. If we have to fix our nation, we need to start individually and once we do, that dimension will grow in our hearts with love.

Therefore, the problem can be solved cause we are looking to ourselves to fix the essence of ‘who we are’. Our nation is at a crossroads and we are going through, some global issues also affect us. Let us work to make our nation greater by solving the problem firstly with ourselves. In the quote above, let us not blame people for problems but blame ourselves.


If we are going down a destructive path, only we can solve it, so we are our doctors figuratively. We have the medicine in our hearts so let’s take this antidote because we need it urgently. You may wonder why am I saying that we need it urgently?

It’s reflected in all the ills and complications showing up in our nation. Various issues are also shown via statistical reports, so it is clear that we have a problem and we need to solve it urgently. Let us blame ourselves and fix it ASAP. As a country, we are doomed to fail if we only ‘keep spinning top in mud.’

If we can learn anything from this article, let us work on ourselves and make ourselves greater, by recognising that the problem starts with us. We have to fix that if we need to move forward with an enlightened country, with the stage set for a choir of wonders – Together We Aspire & Together We Shall Achieve.



Let this be the mission statement that binds us together as one people. Thank you for reasoning and tracking with me and always remember the problem – we are the problem.

So if we have to fix our nation just look to yourself and fix you, fix us and once we fix ourselves, T&T would be straightened out with sincerity in our hearts, moving forward with light and being mindful enough, my friends.


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