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UNC Attorney Tells Kamla Go

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By Prior Beharry

ATTORNEY and United National Congress member Kelvin Ramkissoon is calling on his political leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar to step down.

Kelvin Ramkissoon

He told Persad-Bissessar this in a WhatsApp conversation, a screenshot of which has been circulating on social media.

Ramkissoon was part of the campaign team and election agent of Ahloy Hunt who is demanding a recount after losing the St Joseph seat for the UNC in Monday’s election.
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In his message to Persad-Bissessar, Ramkissoon said, “I don’t even want to watch the news conference. In a proper democracy when a leader losing an election the proper thing is done.

“They don’t hold on. That’s the essence of the Westminster model. The leader knows that.

Kamla Persad-Bissessar

“The question is not who will take over. Leave that to those who constitute the entity and move on with dignity while you  still have it.
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“Better yet, show some magnanimity and vacate your own seat and give it to someone else. You will save yourself and save future generations.

“Further time will just erode trust and confidence and chisel away at the remaining goodwill which the party still has and cause people to gravitate towards the continuous winner.

“The maxim if you can’t win them, join them may pervade in the minds of person.”

Persad-Bissessar replied, “Thank (with a praying hands emoji) Kelvin. Love you always, PL.”

Contacted for comment, Ramkissoon said, “I already said what I have to say. I will say no more.”
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  • Words of wisdom time pass the baton

  • Kelvin Ramkissoon maybe wants the position. Kamla should stay. Why are people attacking her. What has he done. What can he do. What are his plans. What are his skills and competencies. Maybe if he answers and publish his plans MAYBE

    • True… maybe he wants kamla’s position of leader of the UNC. HE should stick to being an attorney and not a political advisor, Frankly speaking I don’t think there is anyone in UNC who can do better than Kamla. You don’t see ppl in PNM trying to bring down their leader some ppl are just jealous and greedy for power !!!

    • The guy never said that he wants her position. Why are you asking so many illogical questions of the man? He simply stated the correct action that must be taken as required of the Westminster system.

    • What have she (kamla) done

  • Did patrick manning resign when he lost 33 to 3.

    • . . . that was George Chambers (resting in peace), young man.

    • Who is this, please check you history before mouthing crap. Patrick never lost 33-3. I am a PNM member and I want Kamla to stay. Think it through!!

    • No, because he was not the political leader then. Learn your history!

    • Manning never lost 33 – 3.

    • Patrick Manning was not political leader or PM at that time and when he lost as PM he resigned

    • Patrick Manning was not the Politics leader When they lost 33-3. It was George Chambers and Yes he stepped down as political leader

    • Yes he did eventually in 2010
      33 /3 lost to NAR in 1986 Patrick Manning were just a MP for San Fernando east Chambers were the PM and political leader of the PNM
      UNC isn’t structured as nationally as the PNM ,it’s a more of a political cult with a queen as their leader and her Cabal that run that party ,Pandey didn’t step down after defeats it took Kamla and Jack Warner to manipulate their internal votes to take the party from Pandey sadly the UNC needs a whole restructuring of that party which still seen as just a Hindu/East Indian base party that can’t beat the PNM on its own even if PNM at their lowest.

    • Patrick Manning lost 33-3 ?😨 Is George Chambers !😂 Get you History right.

      • You need to read b4 u write crap.Manning won his seat, he wasn’t a PM then.

    • Patrick Manning was not the PM when the PNM lost 33 to 3. It was George Chambers. He was one of the candidates who won his seat.

    • What year was this?

    • Partick is not anyone’s standard, but the Westminster System is.

    • Pat was not the PM know your history.

    • Manning wasnt d PM wen d 33-3 lost occured. He however did step down he lost d election in 2010

  • Rommel, what world are you living in, Patrick Manning didn’t lose 33-3, that was George Chambers, ( who also lost his own seat) as a result Manning who won his seat was selected to lead the party now in opposition. So get your facts right

  • As a UNC supporter, it is sad to see our leader holding on to power. This is a person I have the greatest respect for but its time she pass the bator for the benefit of her supporters and the country as a whole

  • George Chambers was the one who lost 33- 3. That is when Mr Manning took over the leadership. Was he , Malcom Marshal and Mrs Muriel Davidson.

    • Morris Marshal

  • I think he really has her best interest at heart. Look how former leaders were treated when they lost. I feel he don’t want that for her, so it’s better if she steps down with dignity.

  • Well said kelvin,,she doh listen to d people,,that is not democratic,,she only dictates,,supporters rel bitter ,,its time to let some1 else lead,,only yesboys n yesgirls she choose to represent , a lot of them arrogant n unfriendly…

  • True… maybe he wants kamla’s position of leader of the UNC. HE should stick to being an attorney and not a political advisor, Frankly speaking I don’t think there is anyone in UNC who can do better than Kamla. You don’t see ppl in PNM trying to bring down their leader some ppl are just jealous and greedy for power !!!

  • No Patrick didn’t because George chambers did.

  • Gdmorn .there was no need for Patrick to step down as George Chambers did at the 33. 3 loss

  • Patrick lost 33- 3??

  • Good sense should prevail and there should NEVER be any comparison between her and Mr. Manning.

    People forget conveniently. Mr. Manning secured our borders and tried to secure our country by putting things in place and these were removed….which left us opened to the crime rate presently and our borders for anyone to pass through.

    Further, not once has she ever tried to speak out against the hate which continues to spew from her supporters. These are things which should be noted.

    I can only compare her to a spoil Child who cannot accept defeat. Grace always looks good on anyone.

  • There is an internal UNC process I believe for selection of the Leader. The new recruits will not obviously support her going now, although there is strong justification for consideration of her resignation. In these challenging and unprecedented times, KPB should allow this country to heal and move on with Parliamentary matters officially. The People have spoken and all politicians need to listen .

    • Yes exactly

  • UNC business is UNC business. Public comments is public. PNM business is private.
    Understand all…

  • If he wanted the position he would have ran for it just like Kamla did to Panday. He’s stating facts. If you had a business and find that your accountant was not performing, would you keep him on to continue losing you money, or would you sack him and ger a replacement?

  • The honourable kpb has done more dan any pm for our nation T&T she has it well plan have u ever wonder if kpb didn’t break the plan of d pnm 2010 election wat would of been the situation in our country T&T it would of been 50 times worst earlier..i believe she kpb shouldn’t go a place..

  • This is so right. What does he bring to the table. I don’t see a need for her to go as he said

  • Love watching sunset !

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