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Autopsy: Danah Alleyne’s Boyfriend Bleeds to Death

AN autopsy has revealed that Keone Payrag, the boyfriend of Danah Alleyne, died due to blood loss. The autopsy which was done at the Forensic Sciences Centre in James on Monday noted that Paryag, 34, suffered massive haemorrhaging in his left leg from two gunshot wounds. ——————– He was fatally shot on Friday evening during […]Read More

Dana Alleyne’s Boyfriend Fatally Shot by Police after Taking her

THE boyfriend of Dana Alleyne, the sister of Crime Watch host Ian Alleyne,  died in hospital after being shot by police. Police said Keone Paryag, 34,  was holding Dana against her will at gunpoint and was demanding a meeting with her brother Ian. Police were called to the scene at an apartment building on Biljah […]Read More